Define Luxury...

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  1. People refer to major designers, especially Louis Vuitton as a Luxury Brand. And I've always wondered what defines luxury? What makes us pay the price tag? Is it the quality, the heritage, the service, the working conditions? Personally I pay out for LV because of its whole company ethos.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions! :hugs:
  2. I think of it as something unique.. Sure a lot of people have Louis. But in the whole realm of things, it's pretty exclusive. The fact that going to the store and buying a piece can give someone an adrenaline rush is pretty amazing. The atmosphere, the products, the service... The overall experience of buying something special and using it.. And if that thing can make you feel special (sounds stupid lol) that defines luxury
  3. I so get what you mean! I go into a different state of mind when I'm in the store, sounds even more stupid! :lol:
  4. It think its all of the things you stated along wih the price used to be a little more exclusive and I think that's when the naming occurred. I pay for many brands, not just LV. I like quality, design but the only driving force I have is if I like it and do I have the $ at the time to pay for it.

    Another substantial question when I put out $ like his is will it hold it's value over time. I can't knowingly put out a large sum of $ and know within the first 6 months it will be worth half that amount and continue to go down. Not up. I do believe that's one of the BEST hints about LV.....everything else is just gravy!
  5. Symbol of status? Nah no such thing. They are just something to self pamper in my opinion. You don't have to be somebody to own LVs. Many people own them. I can see them walking all over the place, just that i don't bother whether they are the real deal or not.

    I like the DE so i bought some SLGs.
  6. I define luxury as something that is not necessary for daily functions in life, but enhances it by making you feel special.

    I think most would agree that designer handbags are luxuries. I once had someone tell me that getting manicures and pedicures were a luxury. Some find those to be necessities. Everyone has different definitions and parameters for what defines luxury.
  7. I know this sounds funny, but it's like you just forget about your problems, your hurts, and stupid people. It's not about being a status symbol, it's art.

  8. ^^this !!
  9. Luxury for me is good health and to have time for myself and my family.
    Most of the luxury items are status symbols. Although i like my bags from Hermès and Bottega Veneta because or their craftmanship and the quality of the leather.
  10. :yes: Damn those stupid people.
  11. i love this!!!
  12. Hmmm... you are really opening a can of worm here...

    Luxury is by definition; something that is not considered essential.
    Where to set the line is the tricky part.
    For example. Having clean supply of running water can be considered a luxury,

    For a brand to be synonymous with luxury. They must have achieved a certain reputation or perceived superiority (whether true or not); then they generally can sell at higher price. When one has reached a certain point; they will acquire a certain mystique around them.

    It is important to note that Marketing can have a lot of influence on people perception. (Eg. Pet Rock).

    Also I can't remember the name of this guy... I think Mr. Brainwash or something. Anyway, this guy set up this art exhibition on grand scale with a lot of hype. He is a nobody pretty much, and ripped off painting of other artist, basically not much art value, but he pretty much cleaned out! Because of all the fuss he is able to gather, people thought he was somebody, and not knowing much; people thought his work is a masterpiece, and fetch a ridiculous price. Iirc that's the story...

    So yeah... Marketing can mess with your head. So be careful, and question often, am I being fooled? Do I want to support these practices (vote with your dollar)?

    I'm not sure if people associate working condition with luxury. Most people now associate more with country of origin as a sign of luxury instead.

    Personally, having proper working condition/pay is important I think (especially in luxury goods, as their margin are high). On that note, we should also keep in mind how the animal are treated to provide the hide. How the cotton is made? Is it GMO free? Is it organic? Do they use pesticide? Then there is something like silk worm and precious stone/metal and stuff so yeah, the list goes on.

    hopefully more and more people are aware of how things are made. Then we are able to question, and hopefully move away from capitalist/consumerist/disposable society we are heading now. I'm sick of having things that are not made properly anymore.

    Now to address the question why buy luxury brand?

    I put design and originality high on the list. Followed closely by quality. You usually go to brand or people renown or having reputation for producing quality product (or match the value you are looking for in a product) because how else would you know? it also assures you that you made the right choice... Or not...
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  14. Luxury to me is..... Not an essential for every day life!!! You could go about your days with out it but.....It's nice to be able to get it!!!! Everyone has their own personal luxury meter, as we are all different!!!
  15. MrBrainwash! Yup! The show was in LA and i was one of the suckers who paid out for one of his canvas's! His work was much like the work of Banksy's because they worked closely together, there's a whole film about it :smile: