define inexpensive please!

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  1. Ok, I tried this this morning and it didn't quite work. I did not mean cheap as "cheap" but as inexpensive. So I re-wrote the question

    what is inexpensive to you? I was just reading a thread on cheap denim on this forum that defined cheap as under 100.00. While I like all my brand names (not because they are brand but because they fit better), I don't consider 100.00 inexpensive (at least for me). I have always been a hunter of deals and loved thrift stores. While there are pieces I LOVE that I went out and paid full price no questions asked (a 1200.00 ball gown skirt comes to mind) I have price limits I try to stay inside. What about you?I know everyones price ranges differs but for me price points are shrinking not enlarging!! It used to be a skirt under 200 was fine and I didn't have to think twice at that price point. I have more money now than then yet over 30 I debate! MY version of inexpensive

    Tops and bottoms under 30.00 (have scored 300.00 armani blouses and such for within these guidelines)
    Dresses under 50.00
    Outerwear coats under 90.00 (my theory winter coat was 17.50!!)
    Suits under 90.00 (20 at thrift stores if a really good make. The last three were a louben suit 4.00, a teenflo suit 13.00 and a brand new calvin klein one on clearance for 90.00)

    Yes, I will go over these limits, but to do so I have to really really love it and justify the cost!
  2. I really don't think there is a need to start a whole new thread. Couldn't you just ask a mod to merge the two threads and add an update to the original thread with the message you are trying to convey in this thread?
  3. ^^I agree...also, I think this topic could get touchy as everyone's idea of what's inexpensive is going to vary based on their income/spending habits...probably not a topic we need to bring up.