Define "Cocktail Dress"

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  1. Can any of you fabulous ladies offer a description of what you'd see as a "cocktail dress"? Is it the same thing as a little black dress?
  2. It can be a LBD.
    Typically, it is defined as a party dress for semiformal occasions whose length varies according to the current style.
  3. I don't think there is a real definition, but I'd just say something you would wear to a dressy party in the evening... or the equivalent of a male in a suit with no tie or dress pants and a jacket maybe?
  4. I would say it's a non-full-length dress in an evening-appropriate fabric
  5. ^i agree with piggy. i was gonna say that but not as well said :P
  6. Somebody has a classic example in their avatar, but no, it doesn't have to be black. Red, blue, peacock, metallics -- I've seen them in all colors.
  7. Instead of an ask jeeves or ask google website, we need an ask piggy thread! I have never met anyone more knowlegable and articulate when it comes to all things fashion. I know you are in finance but I swear one day people will be quoting you alongside all the other fahion icons.
  8. a dress at or above the knee...usually the LBD
  9. An evening dress that is not full length. An LBD can be transformed into cocktail with appropriate accessories (jewelry, small clutch, a silk wrap around the shoulders).
  10. mocha.lover is the member I was thinking of with the dress in their avatar.