define cheap clothing please!! what is cheap to you?

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  1. #1 Oct 11, 2010
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    I was just reading a thread on cheap denim on this forum that defined cheap as under 100.00. While I like all my brand names (not because they are brand but because they fit better), I don't consider 100.00 cheap (at least for me).

    I have always been a hunter of deals and loved thrift stores. While there are pieces I LOVE that I went out and paid full price no questions asked (a 1200.00 ball gown skirt comes to mind) I have price limits I try to stay inside. What about you?

    I know everyones price ranges differs but for me price points are shrinking not enlarging!! Iy used to be a skirt under 200 was cheap and I didn't have to think twice at that price point. I have more money now than then yet over 30 I debate!

    MY version of cheap

    Tops and bottoms under 30.00 (have scored 300.00 armani blouses and such for within these guidelines)

    Dresses under 50.00

    Outerwear coats under 90.00 (my theory winter coat was 17.50!!)

    Suits under 90.00 (20 at thrift stores if a really good make. The last three were a louben suit 4.00, a teenflo suit 13.00 and a brand new ck one on clearance for 90.00)

    Yes, I will go over these limits, but to do so I have to really really love it and justify the cost!
  2. I think more of the quality and contruction of the clothes. For example thin paperweight T-shirt from old navy that fall apart after one washing. Unfortuneatly, many of the clothes are becoming lighter weight and the quality is not there. I love Ann Taylor and their Tshirt are questionable too...
  3. I got a coat for $1 yesterday and that was pretty sweet.

    Its not anything high end, just from Fairweathers, but I was still excited!

    As for what I'd call cheap... For t shirts, under $5, pants, under $40, dresses, maybe $50-ish.
  4. Wow!! What a deal! Last year I got a nygard long cashmere and wool coat for 1.00! No matter what the brand, as long as its well made its a great thing! If your in canada, have you found the goodwill stores around where you live? 4 times a year they have 1.00 slaes where ALL clothes are a dollar a piece!
  5. My cheap price guidelines are the same as yours. Of course some brands are just cheaply made, my fashion marketing professor stopped in the middle of class last week to talk about the bad stitching on his shirt from Old Navy, lol. And I don't shop at H&M looking for stuff that lasts.
  6. My cheap range the same as yours. I always buy a great quility, high end items for a bargain price.
    I can not do bargain on shoes because I am size 11.
  7. Cheap to me has always been a relative term; it really depends on the item in question, so it's hard to make broad generalizations. For example, $3,000 is really cheap for a Chanel winter coat, but really expensive for a Ted Baker one, KWIM?
  8. I feel your pain since I'm the same size. Did manage to find a cute pair of black flats for $40 (originally $90) at Macy's website. May have danced a little.

    Yeah, to me $100 is not cheap and it's often all I cannot do to stare down anyone who thinks that. Even when I had more things at my disposal, I still thought $100 was expensive. And even then it really depends on what I'm buying. $50 for a sweater or cardigan? I've done it, wanted to tear my hair out for forking over the money, but it's still with me to this day and gets a lot of use. Now, $50 for a t-shirt?

    Hell naw!

    I'm also a bargain shopper, fully. In most of my usual stores, I head straight to the clearance rack and thrift like a pro. Almost always manage to find great items for a lot less than their original price.

  9. me too and I don't say cheap unless i've found a bargain! I really cannot stand shoes and clothing that are poorly made.
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    When I was in HS I figured that it I paid a lot I was getting good clothing. My mom taught me how to look at seams, check materials, etc. So now I sometimes buy nice blouses for $25 that rival my $100 ones.

    . As for jeans, in HS my max was $110 for denim. My most expensive jeans at the time were from Guess & Arden B with most coming from the Gap. I ended up having 200 pairs because I remained the same size for a long time. I sold some, donated others and downsized. All of my jeans are now mostly True Religion, J Brand, Rock Republic, etc.
    . This summer, through a very rainy weekend in Florence I messed up a grey Gucci guccissima leather purse with color transfer from my jeans. When I walked into Gucci to ask if the bag could be fixed the woman asked "how much do you pay for your jeans?" I said "approximately $150." She chuckled and said color transfer happens when you buy "cheap jeans." :shrugs:
    . -Either she was just mean or I really got caught up on the idea that if it isn't inexpensive then it isn't cheap--which is not necessarily true.
  11. It's true that a higher price tag doesn't always indicate higher quality. However, I think she was just rude, plain and simple! Notice she didn't ask you who made your jeans, but only how much they cost!
  12. You're right. I took my bag to my new SA this weekend and she sent it off to get fixed at a total of $100 (which was a breath of fresh air for me since the bag was originally approximately $3,000 with tax.
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    I normally go with "brands" instead of "pricing" simply some brands fit me better and I prefer their designs. I don't buy just b/c the item is on sale rather than I buy what I need to complete an outfit(s). Of course if my favorite brands go on-sale, I will stock them up.:yes:

    I prefer a piece that can be wore different styles. I tend to buy "different colors" if it fits me well. I try to stay away from buying "brands" that targeted younger girls as the qualities are not good enough and show off my "weakness". :sneaky:

    Certain outfits (like coats) I will spend more money. For example, I've got few Gucci coats @ 40% & 60% off which I think it's "cheap", but still they cost a lot but I can wear them til I am 90 years old (or if I keep the same weight lol) :P
  14. That is really rude of the SA. I'd had my Gucci clothes color transfer. It depends on the dye and other conditions, even expensive clothes will color transfer.

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    Double post! Sorry!