DEFILs are surprisingly comfortable!

  1. I finally got my DEFILs from I was worried about the height (120mm) as my highest heels so far have been 4 inches. I am so happy they are easy to walk in! Platform definitely helps but I didn't think I could walk in them comfortably since they are nearly 5 inches. Honestly, they are more comfortable to walk in than my 3 inch peep-toe CLs.
  2. post modeling pics!! ;)
  3. I'm very interested to see pictures of them being worn. Please post pics asap!
  4. good to hear. i haven't worn mine out yet, wanted to treat the suede first.
  5. Great always nice to have shoes you love that are comfy. I guess from what all I have been reading about Barneys you need to be thankful you got your shoes. Post pics, nothing tells the picture better than seeing on the foot.
  6. PICSPICSPICS!!! I always very interesting in comfort at 4inches and over, lol
  7. If anyone's interested, I posted some modeling pics in "Post Pics of your Louboutins" sticky thread.
  8. I saw your pics. Congrats!