Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld To Resign

  1. Via NBC

    A day after Republicans lost control of the House, and possibly the Senate, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is quitting. With polls showing Americans upset about the way the Iraq war is going, GOP officials say Rumsfeld will leave.

    Officials say former CIA chief Robert Gates will be tapped to replace Rumsfeld.

    Rumsfeld has been defense chief since Bush first took office in 2001. But the situation in Iraq has put Rumsfeld on the defensive. Bush says he and Rumsfeld agreed that "the timing is right for new leadership" at the Pentagon.

    Earlier in the day, a spokesman for Rumsfeld said he'd given no indication that he would step down in the wake of Democratic election gains. The spokesman said Rumsfeld would work with Congress on Iraq, but added that the focus on stabilizing the country will remain the same.

    Just days before the election, Bush gave his defense chief a thumbs-up, saying that as long as he's in the White House he wants Rumsfeld at the Pentagon.

    Bush told reporters he knows that a lot of voters were registering their "displeasure" with a "lack of progress" in Iraq. But Bush also says he thinks most people recognize that the U.S. can't "accept defeat" there.
  2. Just last week, the President was saying Rumsfeld would stay to the end. What a difference an election can make. In no way do I want to get political here, but I hope, hope, hope there can be some real cooperation between the White House and Congress and not just the constant negative talk. We deserve better.
  3. Yup ! I saw that, I'm sure Cheney's next.
  4. Interesting time line is unfolding in front of us...
  5. i never liked rummy. let's hope that there's true change ahead for american politics.
  6. Yey, a change is on its way throughout are govt. It's about time.:wlae:

  7. We can only hope! :nuts:
  8. I wonder if he was pushed out, even though it's not mentioned...
  9. This was long time coming,i hope Bushes reign crumbles spectaculary.
    Its definetly time for smart intelligent presidnet that doesnt embarras his nation everytime he opens his mouth.
  10. Please God let Hillary run for President!
  11. I am very happy to have Rumsfield resign, however it came about. I don't expect Cheney to do the same unless he had health problems or was indicted or something. Vice Presidents don't normally come and go the way cabinet members do. Peggy
  12. ^^OMG i really hope she does and wins of course :grin:
  13. If you get a chance read Bob Woodward's book "State of Denial". Rumsfeld wasn't qualified for the job to begin with.
  14. Pride cometh before a fall, Rummy. . .