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  1. If you have had any less then desireable service/treatment from an SA - please please post their names and the locations of their stores here so that we don't unknowingly go in and a. give them business, and b. (worse still) feel their bad attitude.
  2. omg - every SA's worst nightmare!
  3. hmm..I don't even know anymore. Since I haven't officialy built any relation w/ SAs..I notice somedays the previously rude ones seemed nice..and the previously super nice ones..became cold. And sometimes they all hide in the back not wanting to give me (or anybody) the time of the day.

    I have business cards of 3 SAs..I experienced both good and not that great services on all of them. It's so hard to tell! :shrugs::yucky:
  4. SF Bad experience: Gregory Good SA's: Jose and Jared (always nice but I hardly ever see him there when I am shopping) :flowers:
  5. that's right, but it's only fair. some people have been inconvenienced by inept service, but some people have actually had their feelings hurt. fair is fair. if someone is a good or great SA, they really have nothing to worry about.
  6. Well, I for one really like this thread. I think HiHeels is right....just like re-sellers should beware of a "bad review" on tPF so should SA's.

    For Me?
    GOOD: Jose/SF, Linda/SF, Allison/NYC, Lisa/NM (MI????), Doris/NM Palo Alto (she tries....doesn't have much knowledge but she gets an A for effort)
    BAD: We'll see when I get back from Las Vegas......
  7. i understand... my regular SA once told me (probably cuz i'm the happy-go-lucky type), you should be "laughing & smiling when you're in the boutique, especially if they're taking your money..."

    i raised my eyebrows a bit on the last part...:weird: but you get the picture:smile:
  8. Second that! And for GOOD SA in SF, Paul is very nice guy!

    I LOVE Boston SA Julie dearly:heart: (she is my regular SA. I get all of my Hermes stuff from her except some Birkins since Hermes don't inter-transfer/search for Birkins and Kellys).
    About a couple of weeks ago, I was looking for a skirt, and it was completely sold out in US and in Paris as well. She contacted Hermes in France (since France has best stock than any other countries) to see if any store in France has it. She found one and getting it from France for me. Even store in NY said there was NO way of buying it. But she surely made it happen! Besides this, she has done many miracles for me :girlsigh: .
    She exactly knows my taste. She calls me if she sees anything that fits into my taste. I was so surprised that I mentioned what I liked once several months ago, she remembered it! And she even wrote it down in her notebook what I want and like in general! I usually call her before I go into the store. She went through her stock and made a list for me before I got there what was available in the back to give me a quick preview! I was very impressed. She remembered my accessories, clothings and shoes...etc what I've worn to the store to try to help me out to buy matching items!:yes: I really think she will be my life time SA!:love: :heart: :flowers:

    And Bukky in NY is nice, and John and Kary(Cary-sp?) in Houston TX is very nice! That's all I can remeber so far for GOOD SAs.
  9. Wow, Aspen, I loved reading about such great customer service!!! I also wanted to say that Laurance (I think that's how you spell her name?) at SCP is a great SA. DH bought my Evelyne from her and she is always really helpful when we call her to ask about certain items. If I lived in southern CA I would go to her all the time. :flowers:
  10. ^^ Laurance and Lauren are both very nice at SCP, as is Diana.
    Caroline in Chicago is wonderful.
  11. Great Idea!! At Least we can beware, Also, this is helpful to know who to ask for when we have questions at different stores. GREAT IDEA!!!!! Thanks.:P Also, think that this would be a good idea for each sub division. What do you think?
  12. Greg, Lilliane and Anthony in Sydney are FABULOUS!!!!!! Don't know her name, but there is an asian lady (there are two...I'm talking about the older one) who is just awful!! Always looks me up and down like I don't belong there......horrible!
  13. Okay, I've had no bad experience with SA's only good

    Ronnie Taylor; las vegas (the sweetest lady, will do about anything to make you smile.)

    Marrisa; Manhattan,.. Madison Ave. (She's new but very sweet and helpful)

    Donna; Manhasset,... She's very honest and determined to help.
  14. BEST SA EVER! Lisa Hamlin from NM in Troy, Michigan! (the same one shopmom listed) She is so incredibly nice and will do whatever is humanly possible to get you what you want!
  15. ^^ I second, or, um third this. Lisa is the best!
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