Defects on Second Spectator Multi. So Sad. Need Advice this AM before calling Jax

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  1. I was not even going to bother to post this, for I do sound just a bit off to look at a bag so closely, . But for the second one and the high price tag, I am going to look at it closer. For 200 dollars at the outlet, I will not do this. I ordered the Madison Spectator gray mult like Mary G. has sight unseen. It is a magnificent bag and the design is flawless and that is why I would like it to at least start out rather unflawed. My first one had a sort of black thread on the gold and I took it back to the store on Saturday to show the manager. She was very nice and just sent it back to Jax for another one for me..and kept mine to show customer. It was a loose thread, not a hole as I thought and she got it off. I did want a new one, so I got my bag yesterday and it was an even exchange from Jax yesterday. I truly hesitated to open the box for I was concerned that there would be something amiss. but I did of course. I did check out the gold striping first for Mary had said there where no black spots that looked like holes to her on her gold at all and she loved her gray multi. It was not a hole but overlapping stitching at the store. The new bag, has other things wrong. I was not going to post for most of the Coach things that I do have are lovely and this bag and the violet Spectator are so beautiful that I did not want to discourage any of you from buying bags. It is is a shame to have this happen twice in the workmanship for this price of $578.00 and find flaws in construction. People are human so it happens rarely. I think I will not get a bag sight unseen just because I think it will sell out before it hits the stores again. I did speak to Jax and they were super nice. They offered me two things. Send it back to them and they will reimburse the shipping and let them have a look at it or give me a small discount of 10% and keep the bag and they would fix it if anything ever happened and the stich broke loose. I think that was very nice of them. Waking up, I just did not know what to do. It just does not feel right to me. The flaw on the bottom is a stitch that was skipped or done unevenly and there is a stop like it was pieced and scrunched and a point on the end of it that is sharp to my finger. I have a bad viral cold so DH looked at it on top with his Dentist's glasses that are magnifying. lol..and he was so annoyed ..he looked like Rumplestilskin with my Coach addictions and he saw the leather rather cut like a sewing scissors for those of you that sew with notches on the other side on top. Now these are minor things, and I do not think the piece on the bottom will lift, but it is still quality control. I just saw a post on a thread loose on a solid madison bag where a stitch came out after a month. These are in the minority, but I do not know what to do. I have to speak to Jax this morning, All of your advice is so appreciated. It is such a beautiful bag and my second one and expensive although it will be a credit. Thank you and do not be afraid to buy, they are nice at Jax even if you are embarrassed walking into a store, and they want you to be happy. Thanks for any advice and helping me.
    Lynn :smile:
  2. I think for that price,if you are unhappy at all, it goes back. Just my 2 cents worth tho. Why take a chance i say?
  3. I did call Jax this morning and in my "calmer" mode I looked at the bag and told her thank you for the discount, but I want a refund and to actually see my bag in the store for the price. They were so very nice and I am mailing it back $578.00 is the most expensive bag that I own besides an older Gucci which was a present and I want it to be perfect when I get it. I do not mind getting them dirty, or suede rubbed for I did that..but new, at this price it makes me sad and it is my last expensive bag, for it is a credit. Thank you!!;)
  4. I agree. For that price it should be flawless.
  5. Rainbow~ A bag should be perfect and you should have no hesitations about wanting it to be perfect brand new. I understand your concern over this- I ordered the grey spectator sabrina and had to send it back and get another one because of the black flaking off around the silver surrounding the zipper. Good luck in sending it back and I hope your next bag is flawless.
  6. For $578. Every stitch should be in place. The 10% discount was a little light...For 30% off, I might have thought about it...
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    I had the shoulder bag in the graphite, which had gold, black and white alternating at the bottom and great detail that had to be pieced. It is a bit dressy but gorgeous. As I said, my first one did have glue or string bleeding into the gold and the SA cut that thread under the seam. This bag has more defects. This morning in daylight upon closer inspection the white leather is lifting on top at the edge of the leather and black is showing through. I decided I did not want any adjustment and I thanked Customer service for their time and understanding , for they were. I am having DH pack it up tonight, insure it and send it to returns and the CS person I spoke to with a nice note. I have except the Violet Spectator Sabrina which is lovely and so classy. Thank you for sharing that with me. I am sorry that happend to you as well. :nogood:
  8. You know I felt sad that this was the second bag, and I thought maybe I was being too picky about it and someone else might have thought nothing of it. DH found all the other flaws that I decribed in daylight, and no, not for such an expensive bag or any of our bags that we look forward to getting and save for in these hard times. They should not start out that way flawed or start having defects so early on. Thank goodness my other bags have not done that and the Violet Spectator Sabrina and the others are fine. I just do not know what is happening here to these bags. Thank you!!!!!
  9. I think at any price we all need our money. This was a credit, but at some time originally the money was spent..and I do want my bag to be perfect when I get it and stay good for a long time. Suede I know to be careful with and transfer, maybe the legacy Garcia will last that I got at the outlet. I love the flaps and it seems easy to keep clean, but this to me was a piece of be carried proudly, my most expensive bag ever. Thanks so much for writing.
  10. I agree with you it should be unflawed especially with that price tagI think you did the right thing. I hope it all works out for you.
  11. I am sorry this happened again to you rainbow but I guess you will have to handpick this in the stores i know you said you go to a flagship store sometimes so i am sure they will have these in the new floorset and you can get perfect one that you want! at least the violet sabrina worked out for you. I have looked at mine in the sunlight a couple of times and find nothing wrong with mine!
  12. Rainbow- I am happy that the violet spectator sabrina is working out for you. It is a beautiful bag. I think you are making the right decision in sending the shoulder bag back to JAX. I don't know about you, but if I see one detail that doesn't sit with me on a bag, it stands out no matter what angle I look at it from. No need to be unhappy with such an expensive purchase. Hopefully your store will get the spectator should bag in and should you decide to try again, you will be able to get one that is not flawed. Best of luck!
  13. Sorry to hear that 2 bags had flaws! Can you take pics of it before you send it back? I can't quite picture it, but I don't have one yet.
  14. Wow! I'm sorry this has happened to you, Twice! I have this same bag, 13248 that's also in mary G's avatar and I don't see any of the flaws that you've experienced. Hopefully, you'll be able to hand-pick one in a Boutique to get a perfect bag!

    You were also very diplomatic in your explanation, so as not to 'blast' COACH/JAX for the quality issues of the 2 bags that you received. Sometimes we can be harsh toward them when things go wrong.

    I think you did the right thing to have the bag refunded, 10% is certainly not enough to make you consider accepting the bag.

    Godd Luck with your future purchases!:tup:
  15. sorry for your flaws everyone.. I did really want the Spectator Sabrina (parchment) but after condering that she would get dirty, the price tag, and hearing of the defects i decided to go with the Sabrina instead of the Spectator. i do hope i dont have a problem with it.