Defects & Little imperfections on your new balenciaga???

  1. Hey guys,

    Do any of you have a new b bag that has a defect or imperfection/s of some kind. For example: Leather is not cut perfectly, thread is not sewn perfectly a black dot here or there, etc....
    Please let me know. I just noticed a small hole on the top of my :sad:1 week old city bag (where leather should be). I noticed a couple of other defects that I previously mentioned, but this hole is bothering me, I am starting to feel cheated. I love the bag and want to keep it because it is pretty and definitely don't want to go throught the drama of sending the bag back to balny. Has this happened to you???What would you do???

    Here is a pic of the hole, but it isn't a good pic, I need a better camera, you probably won't be able to see what I am talking about, but until I get a better pic i'll post it anyway.

    Thanks for your input.
    Photo 3.jpg
  2. I always go over my bags once I buy them, with a fine tooth comb. SO far I have not noticed anything. But that hole on yours is bad, I would have to send it back. Even if I loved the bag, if there's a hole there should be a discount...and even then I wouldn't want it. These bags cost too much for them to have any defects.

    Sorry this happened to you.
  3. Once the rivet on the back of the handle has pinched some leather along with it, causing a big crease. I couldn't return it to the store, so I just put up with it but it always niggled me. I ended up selling my Gray beauty! On my Vert Gazon Work, there is a little dark spot of green paint on one of the handles. I didn't mind so much about that. Other than that they have all been perfect!
  4. Yes..that is why I sold all of mine, I don't have any right now!! I can't stand the imperfections..I adore bbags but don't know if I will ever buy one again:sad::sad: I think they are beautiful but we pay an arm and a leg for them..I have returned back to LV because they are precise:smile::smile:
  5. The 06 bags seemed to have more imperfections in the leather. Like dark spots and such.
  6. I received an anthracite day from Barneys that I LOVED, but on the handle there was a spot where the actual undyed leather showed. I wanted to keep that bag soooo bad, but new that would have bothered me waaaayyyy too much so I sent it back:crybaby:. Good luck with your decision!!
  7. yup, i've gotten a cinnamon city where the unfinished edges were very uneven and the holes in the handles were HUGE and uneven as well. i returned to get a cinnamon twiggy and the leather is great, but i did find a slightly bigger than pin-sized scratch/leather missing. also on my twiggy the color on the side rings is cloudy and doesn't match the bales...weird. i've also got a black 07 twiggy that is missing a stitch right in front. wth is up with quality control?
  8. Actually, I've been debating with myself about whether I should exchange my NM LE bag that I received a few days ago. There's a small, but noticeable, scratch on the front, and between the hardware on the back handle, there a small piece of leather that looks like it's been nicked. I told the SA that I like distressed bags, but not to the point of them being scratched up! The only thing that's stopping me is that I'm afraid I'll get a bag in worse condition... plus I'll have to deal with the snooty SAs at the NM in Chicago to return it :push:
  9. yeah, i noticed that. my vif has two dark spots on the bottom. Also, you can see the glue in the handles. weird i know. but yeah i guess the tiny imperfections are what give these bags character.
  10. Very interesting thread. When I bought my aqua city last week there was a display bag with no signs of wear and one that was locked away in a drawer. I went with the non-display one and the SA pointed out a scratch on the back that isn't that noticeable, she was just trying to do the right thing. Even so, I went with the bag with the scratch because I figured I wanted one that had had less contact and I could live with a tiny scratch. I'm still happy with it, does that make me crazy?
  11. Yes. One of the side of my cobalt bried is askew! I don't know if it is because of improper stitching or it was not packed properly, hence the fold is uneven. Unfortunately, I was out of the country when I asked my sister to buy the bag for me. And when came back, it did not use it right away and it was quite awhile before I noticed the imperfection.
  12. I have noticed that bbags aren't as precise as say "LV". There are some inconsistencies I can chalk up to character. But other inconsistencies like a hole, which would just eat away at me if I were to keep such a bag with that piece of character. Like someone earlier said...these little beauties are too $$$ to settle for character you aren't happy with.
  13. Dark spots are apparently part of the dye process – I have dark spots aplenty, even on white BBag. I also have bags with white edges of un-dyed leather showing, which is particularly obvious in darker bags. Sometimes the different pieces of leather have fairly different shades and texture. All these have never bothered me.

    What niggles me, though, are tassels that split on first use or are already partly split on arrival from the boutique.

    I guess it depends on what your tolerance level is – I am okay with imperfects on on BBags because they are supposed to be distressed-looking anyway. But if I found them on my Hermes... I would freak, mainly because of the prices on those babes!
  14. ITA!!:yes:

    I don't mind the inconsistencies as long as they're considered characteristics of the leather, I quite like the "one of a kind" thing. Like a piece of gorgeous vintage jewelry:heart:
  15. I know......they cost so much $$$$...I don't know what to do.....drama..............