Defective "Tiffany" earrings from Jomashop

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  1. I participated the Joma tiffany earrings promotion and received a pair of earrings yesterday. They are seriously defective. I don't know how much about Tiffany & all its details, but this pair is so defective and I don't think it can be called "Tiffany". The parts that are supposed to be put into your ears are not straight. One if slighly bent and the other one is bent to an angle of 75 degree. I am certainly going to return these earrings and I suggest you guys think twice before buying Tiffany from Jomashop, simply because I don't think "authentic" tiffany could ever look like this!

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  2. Have you addressed this with Joma shop directly?
  3. in all fairness - the same defective item could have come directly from Tiffany's, too. Defects happen in mass produced and handcrafted items.

    I haven't purchased anything from JomaShop (because I haven't seen anything I want), but I wouldn't knock them either. You should contact JomaShop immediately. Don't call it a fake, because it's defective...

    just my .02
  4. You know, I had the same problem and I thought it was just me. Mine are packaged up to be returned today. What I suspect is that they are a discontinued style and prob are because of this issue? Not that they aren't authentic. But that the stem on the earring just wasn't made well. I do have other Tiffany earrings but they are the teardrop ones, so I have no experience with their post. It's unfortunate, but it happens.
  5. Ditto, I mean I've bent the most well-structured posts. And sure they could have gotten bent in the shuffle to package and someone should have seen that but things happen.
  6. They never should have sent earrings in that condition...but any pair of silver earrings with a post could wind up with a bent post - they aren't defective, they are damaged!

    Jomashop should definitely take care of that for you...
  7. Contact jomagirl too!
  8. Wow! Jomagirl has been so accommodating why wouldn't you go directly to them? Do you know for sure they are fake or as others have said "just damaged"? Have you had them checked out at Tiffany, I'm sure they would let you know, then announce they sell fakes.
  9. Just my .02 - this has happened to post earrings of mine directly from Tiffany's. I can't weigh in on authenticity of this particular pair, but I just wanted to let you know that it can happen to the real deal.
  10. I'd been careful with my wording. In no where in my post can you find the word "fake", since I don't have any hard evidence. but I highly doubt its authenticity myself and I would not bother wasting my time taking it to tiffany store to get it authenticated, since it would be a joke to have such a "defective", "damaged" item authenticated or cleaned.

    I will return it as defective item for sure and the purpose of my post is only to remind people be more careful with their purchase decisions. I think all of you guys should agree no matter what, Jomashop should never mail out items in such condition.
  11. Please only post DEALS in this forum. If you have an issue w/ Joma, please PM them or e-mail them.
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