Defective/Poorly Made Julia: Going back to BlueFly!

  1. I am so ticked off right now! Last night, one of the side buttons fell off of my black python Julia. It's just popped off and rolled away somewhere, at some point during my grocery shopping. Now it's rendered useless. It was only my 2nd or 3rd time carrying the bag! I didn't bang it on anything... I am always very gentle with my bags. :shrugs:

    Has anyone had a similar experiece with the Julia?

    After I cooled off, I took some pictures of the afflicted area. I discovered that these buttons are poorly attached, and barely hanging on to begin with. They are held on with a tiny dab of hot glue, and a small metal piece that presumably snaps into the back of the button. I was appalled to see that they didn't even use thread, or stitching, to attach the buttons. Ugh! A dinky dab of cheap hot glue?!? Poor planning and shoddy craftsmanship on Kooba's part, in my opinion. Maybe that's why all the current season's Julias were shipped off to Bluefly for 45% off. :tdown:

    I called Bluefly to tell them that I was disappointed in the quality of my purchase, and they agreed to authorize a return. I didn't even want to exchange it. Those buttons are a liability and a headache!

    If you plan on purchasing a Julia or already own one: be VERY careful with the buttons. If they fall off, you're screwed. There's no way to reattach them. Hopefully mine was merely a lemon that slipped through the cracks of quality control.

    Pics are attached.

    kooba_defect1.JPG kooba_defect2.JPG kooba_defect3.JPG
  2. That stinks. I can't believe they would not use heavy thread to attach a button. It is such a cute bag too. At least they are going to refund your money.
  3. I do not personally have a Julia but I have seen a couple on eBay that have the missing buttons. So, you are not the only one with this unfortunate problem. Sorry :sad: it's a super cute bag. Good cs on BLuefly's part!
  4. Glue??? Yikes. I'm sorry to hear about your experience, and so glad Bluefly is giving your money back.
  5. Yep have seen a number of auctions with missing buttons. I also, as one who cried that Bluefly was good, am less than impressed with a Sienna I got for Christmas and its going back. It doesn't appear authentic to be honest. This is the one bag I've become good at spotting too. It looks like cheap junk. I was very disappointed.

    Im so glad your cs response was positive and that you can return, good luck, and I hope you find another.:yes:
  6. I bought a Sienna Raisin at Bluefly over the holidays. Should I be concerned?
    The exterior metal logo plate has a lot of oxidation. Otherwise the condition looks OK to me.
  7. Glue?! That's not a very secure attachment. I'm glad you will get your money back though. It was a cute bag.
  8. No, I would not be. The metal plates do oxidize. Also, I believe that the heavier pebbled siennas, in raisin and bourbon (?) seem to have that issue of heavier oxidation.
  9. True, the oxidation is just something that seems to happen on those Sienna bags. Maybe that makes them look even more rustic.
  10. Thanks Elizat - that gives me peace of mind.

    That is horrible that those buttons are glued on the Julia - simply shoddy!

    I am the proud owner of a Sienna and a Diana clutch.
  11. Crap!
    Happy to hear that bluefly came to the rescue....sort of.
  12. I just bought an Angie Python on eBay for $80! Yes it is missing a button but I will buy a couple of similar ones and have my local shoestore guy sew them on securely. I really love the look of the bag, but I did get a great deal that I couldn't pass up! Good luck with the Julia return-please make sure to get it insured with parcel tracking when you mail it back to them.
  13. I enjoy reading your posts, thats so creative, and at $80 you just turned it into something priceless with a little purs lovin ingenuity. Like your new avatar too, very beautiful!

    As an aside, my husband bought me a black Sienna from BFly for Xmas, my metal plates were already oxidized and the lining pulled away. We both freaked, we pulled out all the koobas and went over them together. He's such a nice guy, but so naive, he honestly thinks Im going to sell all my bags......LOL......:angel:
  14. A dab of glue? Oh what quality! I too would have sent that bag right back. They don't make them like they used to. Oh heck, I'm beginning to sound like my Mother!!! :lol:
  15. Thank you so much! I like your picture too-very mysterious :flowers:

    So what did you do with the bag? My Paige zipper and plate have oxidized too-I don't mind it but simple things like stitching on a button would make sense-not glueing it on! What are they thinking??
    My hubby knows I love handbags-but I don't know many girls that don't! I am selling a couple of my Lululemon bags and a Matt & Nat. They seem to selling quite well right now on eBay-so maybe I can buy just one more Kooba...