Defective Mono Speedy 35?......or am I just nuts?

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  1. Hey y'all, I'm a newbie! I have a few designer bags that were given to me as gifts, but I've just purchased my first LV with my own money! Yay, so it means a lot to me. :yes:

    I just purchased my Mono Speedy 35 on Sunday night (15 minutes) before it closed. I had initially wanted one that was made in France instead of the USA, but they don't seem to have them made in France anymore. The guy said there was only one left, so I decided to go on ahead and purchase it.

    Anyways, I got home and inspected the bag carefully. I noticed that:

    1) The top part of the bag where the "lv...made in usa" tag seems to be a bit crooked...where the piping is. It's very slight, but it seems to bug me.

    2) On one of the gold metal "buttons" (is that what it's called?) that says Louis Vuitton has a 2 mm discolored spec.

    3) The part of the gold metal area of the zipper is a bit discolored (not completely shiny gold).

    4) The bottom of the LV lock is not all shiny gold, it has about 1 cm of a darker discoloration.

    5) There are a few very slight creases in the monogram canvas (due to being folded in storage perhaps?).

    6) One stitch in the lower handle seems to be intact, but there's one strand that sticks out.

    I guess that's about it. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I notice every little detail. Is this normal for a Mono Speedy 35...or am I just too picky?

    I'd like to go back to the Louis Vuitton boutique for an exchange, however, I feel a bit embarrassed. The SA's probably all are working full time and will recognize me in a heartbeat (I stand out a lot). The SA that sold me the bag was cute too, so it'll be super embarrassing to come back and complain about a cheap LV speedy bag.

    What should I do? This is my first LV bag so I'm super critical of the little details. Also, when paying $645 for a bag with my own money, I expect it to be perfect! I'm a college student after all (and going to grad school soon), I need to save $$ for those books haha!

    *phew* I wrote a lot. :sweatdrop: Thanks in advanced guys!
  2. "Cheap LV Speedy Bag" ?????? <-----I think NOT!!
    LV is by no means "cheap", so don't settle for a less than perfect bag.....whether it's in the lower or upper price range. Exchange it, you are obviously NOT happy with it, or else your list wouldn't be so long.
  3. ITA! don't need to feel embarrassed
    if you're not happy with it, exchange it
    oh, and welcome to tPF :idea:
  4. def exchange it. they will understand. :tup:
  5. Ok, thanks a bunch guys! I think I'm going to go out in Boston right now and exchange it before the store closes. I'm kind of dreading it...a lil embarrassing to be over obsessing about a few small details. Oh well...I just hope that cute guy isn't there. I'm going to look so dumb haha.

    When I get back, I'll post up some pictures of the bag! :smile: I'm 5'10 (taller with heels) in case anyone is wondering. The speedy 35 fits me perfectly! I could've gone for the Speedy 40 too if I wanted.
  6. Speedy 40 is great!!!! Plus it's mostly made in France. Sorry, am bias about that!
  7. thats an expensive bag...make sure you get one you are happy with.
  8. For sure go back to the store and tell you are not happy with the bag and let them find another one for you made in France! Yes, you can still buy the speedy 35 made in France...infact there are LV lovers that wont buy an LV with a made in U.S.A tab...
    I hope you read some of the threads about inspecting the LV bag when purchasing it as every now and then there can be little glitches that for some don't mind, but for others its a big
  9. The creases in the canvas aren't considered a defect. It's normal since that's how Speedy's are stored and should come out quick if you just stuff the bag with old shirts and leave it by a sunny window.

    I hope you get the bag that satisfies you. :smile:

    There's also no difference in where the bag is made... the quality/craftsmanship is still the same. But many have their own preferences. :yes:
  10. You def. don't sound happy with it, so by all means, go exchange it, and inspect it before you leave the store!
  11. Return it.