Defective Mirage Speedy...

  1. This is my first post and I am sorry it is so long!

    I am soooo upset. :crybaby:My bordeaux mirage speedy has a defect on the corner. I didn't notice it when I got it because my SA had it all packed up when I picked it up last Saturday.

    There are threads showing on the corner. I have taken it to the manager and they are desperately trying to find me another bag, so if you ladies and gents know where one is then PLEASE PLEASE let me know so I can relay the message to them! I don't want to keep a defective bag, not for $2000 that is, but I don't want to give up my gorgeous bag either! I need your help!!

    Thanks in advance for your help! :heart:
  2. Oh dear.....sorry to hear that.
    I do hope they find you a replacement, ASAP, you deserve to get moved up on the list because you had already purchased one.
    I hope LV is doing that for you....keep us posted!
  3. The girls at LV said they are really going to try and find me one.... that I should go to the top of the list as you said, but they are not expecting to receive any more.

    There have been people posting about how there are Mirage speedies available everywhere and that they are not as limited as what we think... well, they must be incorrect.
  4. there are mirage speedy in s'pore it's seem like no one really buy it but it ok take a look at the display or play with it cos normally they will buy the permanent line as i notice....:smile: hope u get to get a replacement for your mirage..:smile:
  5. Thanks, I hope so too! I will ask them to contact someone in Singapore, thanks!!!
  6. dont know if they will transfer international stock but there are some in the UK. mr friend just got back from leeds and they had 2 i think.
  7. aw sorry to hear that. I hope they can find you a new one ASAP!
  8. That is very sad. I hope they find you one. Keep us posted on what happens.
  9. Oh gosh...sorry to hear this. What do you mean by threads on the corner...sorry to sound dumb?! Try Fashion Show in Vegas....they had one earlier this week.
  10. I am an idiot and I cannot post a pic... where the corner of the bag is you see the leather piping, and then where the canvas meets the piping on mine I can see about 5 stitches. You should not see the stitching on the corners of a bag. They really stick out too!

    I will try again to post a pic, I am not a computer gal!
  11. When I went to the boutique few days ago in France they were not in store yet! Ask your SA to try in France.
  12. sorry to hear that!
    hope you get this all cleared out!
  13. I am so sorry to here this.
  14. Oh no, Dell! I really hope you get a replacement really soon. That is horrible! Keep us posted! Perhaps you can even try calling the LV at South Coast Plaza here in Southern California --- there are three of them, one being the big boutique, one at Saks, and one at Bloomingdales. Good luck!
  15. Sorry to hear about your bag!
    there where 2 Mirage Speedys in each colour at birmingham LV the other week, Good luck!