defective Juicy bag...anything i can do?

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    Hi, I bought the Juicy Couture slouch leather tote bag a few months ago (My post showing it is on the next page of threads here i think) well I bought it from a private seller, who only allows returns for 7 days. I got the bag, liked it and wanted to keep it. Well i didnt use it for the first time untill a few weeks after i got it. I noticed the stitching where tha handles attatched to the bag was loose. I thought i knew i couldnt return in, so i took it to a leather shop to fix the stitch. I have now had this done on 3 handles! and more stitching is loose, and on places the leather shop cant fix. I have used this bag only 3 times. It to me is obviously defective. The leather is great and so is the hardweat and the stitching on the bag its self. But the hadles have loose stitches all over. And i know someone will ask, the bag is 100% authentic. I have the tags/dust cover/tissue paper..everything it came with. I even tryied selling it. It was $525.00

    my question is will Juicy customer service do anything for me? It is still their product which is new, used three times and is obviously defective. I do not expect my cash back, but would like a replacment non defective bag, or a Juicy Credit to get one.
  2. What a shame, that's such a pretty bag.

    I would just take it in to a Juicy store and talk to them about it, there should be a warranty.
    If you're not near a store, maybe call one and talk to the manager and tell him your problem. He will tell you where to send it in.

    I hope you haven't invalidated your warranty by having the repairs done. Personally I wouldn't offer that information until when & if they bring it up, hopefully when they see all the loose stitching it will be besides the point.

    Good luck!
  3. Yeah thats what i was thinking. i live far from the closest Juicy store, or any store that even sells Juicy. I called the Juicy store in NYC, its actuily the closest. they had me call customer service, who gave me an e-mail to write to. I just sent an e-mail. I hope they will help me. The bag has been used 3 times, and is coming apart :push: and for $525 they really need to take care of a defective item....I feel a bit helpless though, im not sure what to do if they simply say "we cant help you"....
  4. ..Just thought I'd post that I got an email back telling me to send my bag in, it says i will get a new bag if a defect is found, if not they will send me my bag back. I hope that i had two threads fixed doesnt matter, all the stitching is clearly loose :tdown: Ill post when I find out what happends.
  5. Good news! When you send it in make sure you get Delivery confirmation and/or insurance to prove that you sent it.
  6. IK im glad it did not matter that it was not purchased directly from juicy....yeah hopefully it wont take too long to get there, its going to NJ and im in NY
  7. Just thought I'd update...I got a call back from Juicy and they are sending me a gift card for the ammount of the bag:biggrin: I can only use it in store thought because she said the Juicy website is run through Nordstrom or something, so it wont accept Juicy gift cards. Im planning on going to NYC in a month or two which is the closest one to me anyone know if a Juicy store will let me use a gift card over the phone?
  8. So glad it worked out for you and you are getting your money back :biggrin:

    Not sure about the gift card, depends what kind it is I guess. I know some stores will take them as long as they have a number they can punch in.
  9. thanks:p and I guess when i get it I will call Juicy store and see...Im actuily liking the excluse crest day dreamer in the pink you have any velour bags? does the material hold up for a while?
  10. Happy that they refunded you for the bag = D
    I'm in a similar situation where my wallet totally ripped apart and I just brought it back in June =(
    Would you be able to PM me the email address? Thanks alot =D