Defective Josephine PM post made me check mine -- HELP!!!

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  1. Hi,

    So, I posted earlier that I had my Josephine sitting under the tree and that I was having second thoughts about the SIZE and thought about exchanging it for a Saleya GM or PM -- but the post that Giselle07 just did about her defective Josephine made me paranoid so I opened my box up just now to take a closer look... :wtf:

    Well, MY Josephine has cut off LV's as well. I was so excited in the store plus we were in a hurry because we had a 7 pm dinner reservation so I didn't look closely in the store. I am so bummed! And this was from the boutique! :confused1:

    Here are photos. The rt. corner one came out too dark so I quick-fixed it in photoshop which is why the color looks strange.


    P.S. Do the boutiques have restrictions on discontinued-item returns???

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  2. That's exactly how mine looked! My gf's was not cut off like that though!?! It' weird as it seems some are made differently!?! The LV hotline said it was perfectly fine? :shrugs:
  3. Also, I had intended on keeping the bag but the more I looked at it the more it bothered me!!

    If it bothers you take it back!
  4. Thanks so much for looking at the pics! I am so completely bummed because I LOVE this bag! But now, I know that I will be looking at it and obsessing about it. Arrrrghh. And YOU KNOW people (especially those who aren't familiar with mini mono) will comment that it would "look almost real" if the LV's weren't cut off!!

    I feel bad because I hate returning anything.

    What to do, what to do...:confused1:
  5. OMG..that sucks! I got the feeling mono mini that LV relisted at Elux weren't the best one or used to be recalled one. I can't believe LV let it slide like that..
    To be honest, it bothers me so bad. I would rather get second hand one with perfect condition and perfect allignment instead of brand new with flaws..
  6. If there are other Josephine's out there that are cut differently then that's definitely a problem. But I do know that in some shapes of LV bags cut off initials are unavoidable. For example, the ellipse PM has them cut off. Since the shape of the Josephine is wider at the base, then tapers towards the top, it's probably natural that the LV initials had to be cut off. My guess is that at different factories, or possibly different workers, cut the templates out at different angles. It doesn't mean it's defective, persay, but it does mean there are "more perfect" ones out there!
  7. Yeah, it does suck!!!

    The thing is (and I am kicking myself) that my husband and I bought it IN PERSON at the LV boutique!!! I feel like such a loser! But then again, I NEVER check anything that I buy from the boutiques! Because I shouldn't have to! I usually inspect them when they come from eluxury though...:graucho: (even though they are authentic).
  8. You will get the old "it's a piece of art" song and two pieces are alike as they are handmade and not by machine. If your not happy, by all means exchange! Or try a different bag! They don't give these away and one should demand a lifetime of joy from your LV!!!!

  9. True, but don't we all want "perfectly perfect" ones??? :yes:

    I think I will just return it since it's a waste to pay $1K (including tax) on a not-so-perfect handbag. My husband would be sad if I didn't enjoy his Christmas gift! :crybaby:
  10. Okay they didn't work...sorry! But you can check from his site and the recent sales!
  11. Yes, I agree 100%. My gf's bag looked a ton better than mine and mine looked just like yours. Take it back and get something you will be happy with!
  12. Yes, they worked, thanks! My bag is WAY more cut off than theirs.

    I've never bought a bag from sites like let-trade but if I did, you know I would have inspected it!!!! :graucho:

  13. Heavy sigh. :sad: I will return it.

    Thanks for all your help, everyone.
  14. Not sure if this helps, but I have a mono cherry Josephine GM, and the pattern is just fine! The edges are only stars and circles and they are only cut off by the tiniest bit.... Maybe it's different for GM and PM's... but anyhow, if you don't like it and it bothers you, please take it back :smile: