Defective Chloe Purse, what to do?

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  1. Hello, I bought a Chloe small Hudson bag from Forward by Elyse Walker. Just got it yesterday and found it was defective. It wasn't described in the product details.
    The shoulder strap couldnt be straightened because the studs are placed at the wrong spot. They offer me additional discount or reimburse me for repair. What should I do? Could it be a fake product?
  2. :confused1: Discount? Repair? On a new Chloe? I'm not familiar with this site and I wouldn't hesitate on returning it for a full refund. Was it listed new? Do not waste your time on repairing a Chloe that should be perfect. Maybe post pics? I'm not sure if one of the mods could authenticate?
  3. Forward by Elyse Walker is a reputable site so I would expect a full refund. Chloe is THE WORST for repairs.. I sent my Drew bag in 3 months ago to have the chain fixed and they still cannot tell me when it will be repaired and sent back to me. If I were you, I'd chose another designer bag. If a defective bag like yours made it through the quality test and was still sent to a retailer to sell, they clearly aren't paying attention to the details.
  4. I had issues with the lock and brought it to the Chloe store. They said there's nothing they can do.
  5. I've ordered from Forward many times and they have amazing customer service and I don't think it's a fake. Was this bag marked final sale?