defective Burberry boots

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  1. I purchased a pair of Burberry boots on ebay from a seller with 100% feedback. I received the boots and there is some sort of defect. The right boot fits perfectly. However, the left boot will not fit at all. I thought that it was just me, so I've had multiple people try the boots on as well. The boots are a 39.5 and a person with a 37 foot could not even get the left boot on. It seems as if the left boot is extremely narrow at the ankle and no one can bend their foot at the correct angle to slip the boot on. I emailed the seller about the problem and he says that he will accept a return but wants me to pay for all his ebay and paypal fees. He has suggested that I return them to a Burberry store. They are last season, so I do not think they will take them. If I return the boots to him, why can't he get the transaction fees refunded? I think this is unreasonable. It's not like I want a return because I got the wrong size or that I simply do not like them. What do you think?
  2. Hey, I think you guys can do a mutual agreement form and he can get his fees back and it can work out good for him and you.
    Its still not really fair that you did not receive what you thought you were getting, but maybe it was just an honest mistake on the sellers part.
    He sounds like he just wants to get an extra $5.00 from you, or whatever it is.
    He should give you a full refund.