Defective Buckles on Manhattan?

  1. I stumbled across another LV discussion board at MSN and there's a long string about a woman whose buckle on her PM fell off. She said when she went to the LV store, she was told that this was a known problem.

    Anyone else hear this?
  2. I will say this - lately I have been seeing my store take in repairs for buckles for both The Pm and GM size... some are in store, some are not... but yeah... I hope no more though...

    The Koala wallets too, I've been noticing the "glazing" has been coming yeah FYI!

    If this happens to anyone, immediately go to nearest LV store!
  3. L, is the updated French wallet in store already?
  4. What is the updated french wallet? I love these and have them in mono, white mc and black mc. I was just hoping for denim (blue and fuschia):girlsigh: :tender:
  5. They have 6 cc slots for French purse in mono now or soon.
  6. Hey there!
    Yeah not yet... I worked Tuesday actually and we did get a shipment, but no upgraded French Wallets... I hope it'll happen soon, but soon in "LV TIME" could mean a month or more! haha.

    I would HOPE the buckle concern is acknowledged at all LV stores, I know we haven't gotten anything from corporate saying there is a "real problem."

    Oh on the french purse, it'll be 8 c/c... :P
  7. Thank you so much! 8 cc? OMG OMG. Can't wait.:yahoo:
  8. in the shiny stuff on the sides of the wallet? Eeeks! That's no good!
  9. I know - its not good and yeah everytime a customer brings in a Koala wallet for use to look at its always the same problem with the glazing. I'm hoping there isn't a real problem with that either - and its only on the Koala wallet's in Monogram that I've seen too.
  10. I know me too... I think I want one for me! haha. JK.

    The #1 wallet I love for women is The Porte-monnaie billets cartes credit (thats getting the upgrade too from 6cc-8cc/new sku: M61654) See that wallet... very simple in looks, its small and yeah... its cute too!
  11. Hey Laurence,

    Are they able to repair the glazing on the Koala? --> I just took a look at mine, and some of the glazing is starting to wear off near the spine/bend of the wallet! Should I take it in now??

    Also, I have the 9-slot mono Koala, and I've noticed a minor problem, but it still bugs... if I put cards in the bottom two slots of the flap facing the ID window, the inner leather edge of the ID window near the plastic flips out/gets creased a little. I guess it's rubbing against the edge of the cards (this prolly makes no sense) So I end up not using those two slots. Have you run across this problem at your store?

    BTW, thanks so much for answering all our LV questions! It's so nice having a cool SA on the forum!