Defective Boots!!

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  1. Hi all - I need some opinions and advice.

    I bought a pair of Valentino Rockstud boots in late December, and have since worn them about 5 times. In about mid-February, the leather strap on one of the boots broke through. I tried returning them to Saks, but they've rejected the return saying that it's "normal wear and tear." I explained that it isn't normal for boots that are $1300 to break this way after only a few times of wear (and not even after a year of wear). Since Saks isn't listening, I was thinking of disputing the charge through my credit card account.
    What do you guys think? Is this "normal wear and tear" or a defective pair of boots?

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  2. I would expect $1300 boots to last me more than 5 times
    but these days designer doesn't equal quality anymore :sad:

  3. Yeah, my biggest issue right now is not just that the boot strap broke, but that Saks is saying that it's normal for this to happen and that they won't take the boots back.
  4. Oh no! Does anyone think the Valentino boutique would be helpful even if you did not purchase there?
  5. Do you have a relationship with an SA there? These should be able to be sent out for repair, as a customer courtesy.

    However, The store should not be expected to accept a return for these and since they are from December(and maybe sale?) then there isn't another pair to exchange them with.

    As a last resort if you aren't getting an answer, Santana Creative.....or any high end leather restoration store......would be able to give you ideas for repair options.
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