Shoes Defective Boots!!


Jan 22, 2012
San Francisco, CA
Hi all - I need some opinions and advice.

I bought a pair of Valentino Rockstud boots in late December, and have since worn them about 5 times. In about mid-February, the leather strap on one of the boots broke through. I tried returning them to Saks, but they've rejected the return saying that it's "normal wear and tear." I explained that it isn't normal for boots that are $1300 to break this way after only a few times of wear (and not even after a year of wear). Since Saks isn't listening, I was thinking of disputing the charge through my credit card account.
What do you guys think? Is this "normal wear and tear" or a defective pair of boots?


Dec 25, 2006
I would expect $1300 boots to last me more than 5 times
but these days designer doesn't equal quality anymore :sad:


Jul 31, 2008
In My Own Little World
Do you have a relationship with an SA there? These should be able to be sent out for repair, as a customer courtesy.

However, The store should not be expected to accept a return for these and since they are from December(and maybe sale?) then there isn't another pair to exchange them with.

As a last resort if you aren't getting an answer, Santana Creative.....or any high end leather restoration store......would be able to give you ideas for repair options.