Defective Bearn?

  1. I went to my local Hermes store today, and I was greeted by a SA who asked me, "Were you the one who wanted a pink wallet?" I answered yes, and I asked if she had one. She said yes, they just got a bright pink one yesterday! I asked to see it, and it was beautiful! The color was rose shocking (is this new?), the size was "special Bearn", and the leather was mysore. I bought it, my SA wrapped it up, and I was happy. However, I took it home and out of the box to photograph it for you gals, and I noticed something disturbing...there are 2 little knicks on the wallet, near the silver "H". It doesn't seem like it's a "natural" thing to me. It literally looks like someone may have run over the wallet with a key or razor blade on the 2 spots where I see the knicks. I tried taking a pic of it close-up, but it's not noticeable in the photo (however, if anyone wants to take a stab at finding it, I'll post it since it's on my desktop). What do I do? With my very hectic work schedule, I can't go back to the store until next week, and I know the policy is 10 days, and I don't want them to think I did it myself and am looking for a refund. Plus, I don't want to cause trouble because they are my local store....but I paid nearly $2K, which isn't exactly pocket change for me.
  2. Call them first thing and tell them. The sooner you let them know, even if you can't make it to the store until later, the better. For $2,000 it should be perfect so don't feel bad! :smile:
  3. yes, definitely call your SA and tell her/him of this. totally unacceptable for something from H to be like defective. also let you SA know that you can't come in until so and so day, and they should be able to accomodate.
  4. :yes: but please post a pic anyway i am curious about the colour :shame:
  5. oh lala that looks like a mix of fuschia with framboise but interesting colour :yes: and i think i saw one knich really parralel to the H on the right side.
    well anyways if it bothers you give it back no need to be unsatisfied
  6. well, maybe it is my computer, (antique), but it looks good to me, I have bought so far about 6 bearn wallets of different leathers, and some had imprints of the pacaging on it, that faded away with time. I did not care, because I think that if Hermes sells it, it was well looked over by their quality controll, and is as good as it gets. However having said that, if you are personally ubhappy, call the store/SA tommorow, let them know something is wrong, have them do a search and exchange it!... you should be happy with a wallet that is as expensive as a bearn!
  7. Do you think they'll give me a refund back on my cc? I'd take another one if they had it, but I can't imagine it's easy to find. Or are they just going to give me store credit?
  8. Wow! You have a really good eye! I took the picture with a really old digital camera, and I didn't even notice the knicks until the wallet happened to pass under my bedroom lamp while I took it out of the box.
  9. MOST hermes boutiques (the main, flagship ones), will not give money back... you'll get a store credit! some individually owned, may return the money on your cc.:flowers:
  10. Even if it's defective?
  11. I'm sure that when the wallet was shipped from France, it was in perfect condition, but I'm thinking that other customers or SAs who weren't being so careful may have knicked it when holding their keys or from their wedding rings, etc.
  12. I just received a Kelly and looked at the lock and it has some minor nicks on one side of the lock. I checked my other bags with locks and noticed the same sort of thing. My SA said they'd trade it for another lock, but I don't want to play around sending it back and forth.
    My alligator Bearn looks like it has a nick but I don't feel like sending it back. I just received it last week.
  13. I don't think it is a big of deal unless it really bothers you. My brown vibrato Birkin came with about 1 ~1.5 inches of scratch on the box leather part. I freaked out! But Claude(craftsman in NY) told me that it was nothing, and bags and wallets tend to get scratches anyway even if you try very very hard to keep them perfect condition.

    After hearing that, it did not bother me at all. I am very happy to use my vibrato Birkin as my daily bag...
  14. LH, is this the black Bearn? Well, what do you think between the black and the fuschia?