Defective bags at outlets?

  1. Has anyone come across bags with any type of defects at outlets? Say Off Fifth, Last Call, etc? Or even from any online outlets as well? Would be very interested in the feedback, thanks.
  2. i haven't but i stick to just the coach outlet. usually their bags may have a mark or two that come off easily with the cleaner, are returns, or are a sepecific style made only for the outlets.
  3. I've gotten bags from Coach, Saks Off Fifth, and Neiman's Last Call-nothing wrong with any of the one's that I've purchased!:p
  4. I bought a Prada nylon bag from Off 5th and the zipper pull broke right off. I returned it with no problem.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, keep them coming, please.
  6. I think some of them may be, which is why you might see a much older style there (it could be something really minor though, but something that would render it unable to be sold for full price). However, I think the majority are just past season's bags that haven't sold.
  7. I bought a Donald Pliner red hobo bag at Off Fifth which was pretty much my first "expensive" bag. (Quite cheap in comparison to my Koobas...oh, my...what has happened to me?) It's a beauty and didn't have any defects then or now. It has a wonderful hook inside on which to hang your keys. It's the one thing that I really wish Kooba would put in its bags, too.
  8. I hope not! My KS should be arriving soon from the outlet. I'll post when I get it. I've bought several from coach & they've been just fine.

  9. I bought a Cynthia Rowley at Saks Off Fifth and the zipper pull on one of the inside pockets just broke off, but I wasn't excited about that because I just left the pocket open and it was incidental...............
  10. I have seen defective bags at our Off 5th, and they have an additional 33% off. I always check the handbags I am about to buy very thoroughly. My BF taught me that...he is super picky, almost annoyingly picky with everything he buys.