Defective bag from!!!


Apr 19, 2008
I'm so bummed out.:sad: I just received a chocolate RG that i ordered from (it took a while to reach me as i live outside the US).

I actually received a defective bag. Almost 2 inches of the stitching at the bottom of the bag is undone.

I have emailed YSL but am still waiting for their reply. Sending the bag back to the US is not an option as it is very costly.

Anyone has similar experience? can you share how to deal with this??



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Jun 18, 2007
^^do you have a boutique near you? when you hear back from customer service maybe they will let you do a return to there so you won't have to ship back to the US? sorry you're going through this.


Aug 25, 2008
Los Angeles
If you don't have access to a boutique it looks like a fairly easy repair. Can you have a local designer shoe/handbag repair person fix the stitching and ask YSL for reimbursement? If correctly done the new stitching would be undetectable.

Sorry about this! Have you tried calling? They are notoriously slow with emails...


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Jul 9, 2007
Is the leather actually loose in that spot? I've bags that looked like that, but it turned out that they were actually double-stitched, so the leather was still attached.


Mar 1, 2009
sorry to hear that... i think they should be able to reimburse all shipping costs (back and forth) should you decide to exchange it...
Jul 12, 2009
Sorry to hear about this. Have you tried calling your nearest YSL boutique or the number on the website (1-800-399-0929)? I find calling gets better results than email.
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Apr 19, 2008
Hi everyone,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and i'm sorry it took so long for me to post an update.

i thought it was only fair to give some time to get back to me before i posted more comments as i was very very upset back then and needed time to calm down.

Anyways, i took many rounds of emails with YSL offering to change the bag IF i bear the cost of shipping it back to US and then out of US again. They kept referring to their T&C saying that they don't ship internationally. And i kept having to point out that it was their fault for sending me a defective bag.

And after much negotiation where i adamantly told the SA that it is not an option for me to ship the bag to US, they offered a additional 20% off the sale price ($1,099) to cover the cost of me having it repaired locally.

I guess it's a fair deal, although i would have preferred to get a bag in perfect condition w/o the 20% off.

Overall, the SA, Mary, was very nice and apologetic but the shopping experience really wasn't that great considering the amount of 'pain' i went through.

Day 1 - purchase made online
Day 10 - notified that bag was shipped out
Day 25 - bag arrived via 3rd party shipper / found it defective
Day 26 to 35 - correspondence via email/calls to negotiate solution

So really, if it's possible, i would say buying from the boutique would be so much less painful.

So right now, it's fingers crossed that the repairman will go a good job fixing the stitching...