Defect? Should i return?

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Should i return?

  1. Yes return

    8 vote(s)
  2. No because its hard to get

    30 vote(s)
  1. Are you for real. ...

  2. Correct she didn’t ask just for agreement

    What I was implying is that people get so mad and say they hate when people Find flaws and that everyone is crazy with it. I feel those are the comments that just seem useless imo. State yes or no and why that’s helpful by all means. I just feel the other comments are just rude and belittling someone who isn’t in love with the product. That’s all just my option of course
  3. She said, "Anything is appreciated!"
    So why are YOU the one telling people how they are supposed to respond and judging them accordingly?
    Sure, you say "IMO", but if you aren't the person with the inquiry, I'm not sure that your opinion matters.
  4. This is borderline ridiculous....actually idk. I think it is just plain ridiculous.
  5. I think the OP already replied pages ago that she has decided to return the bag. Maybe we don’t have to keep beating her up over why she’s returning it???

    Just sayin. :biggrin:
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  6. she said she was "leaning" towards returning . . . so I think members are still offering opinions?
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  7. Ah. Okay then, carry on!
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  8. So I happen to get lucky enough to get a Favorite MM in Monogram today and I wanted to share with you the stamp inside of my bag to make you feel better. Mind you, I would have never looked except for the fact that this thread made me look (ha, ha). I don't care, or mind that the A or R ( in PARIS) is less than perfect. I adore the bag, and it in no way takes away from MY enjoyment of the bag. Hope this helps! IMG_1528.jpg
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  9. Seriously?
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