Defect? Should i return?

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Should i return?

  1. Yes return

    8 vote(s)
  2. No because its hard to get

    30 vote(s)
  1. What are you going on about? You’re nitpicking an issue that is basically one millimeter in size and you’ve already decided to return it. What else is there to complain about?
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  2. So one of the big disclaimers for handmade items goes along the lines of, "Due to the handmade nature of the item, there may be inconsistencies across items. This does not affect the integrity or usability of the item."

    You clearly aren't happy with the label so you might as well return it. In the future, do keep in mind that handmade items have inconsistencies. It's up to the buyer to decide if they're happy with the item and its characteristics. What you find "perfect" may not be perfect to someone else and vice versa. Some people prefer imperfections because it's a mark of a handmade good, or it provides a unique aspect that's only theirs.
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    If that is the only thing wrong with it I personally would keep it because I know how difficult it is to get that bag. I just got mine in DE (online order) but the canvas is all bumpy and has dents in the front and back. I would trade in a heartbeat to have only your bag’s defect. I am contemplating returning it but I will first try to smooth out the wrinkles.

    It’s your hard earned money and you should be completely satisfied. But with that said, this is a very hard to come by piece. Good luck.
  4. +1
  5. Honestly I only check the tag when I first receive the item to see the “made in” stamp. After that I never focus on it because it’s inside the bag. If you are not satisfied with it then return it BUT know that you may not acquire another [emoji52]
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  6. I keep deleting my comments because I just can’t even understand how this could possibly matter. Everything I start to write sounds mean. You do realize when the bag is full of your belongings you won’t be able to see the stamp, right?
  7. .

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  8. I am sure there are tons of people waiting for this bag and it will get bought and it probably won’t matter to the next person and they will enjoy the bag!
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  9. I was once told "Perfection is not the answer if you want to aspire to inner peace" applies to everything in life. Try not to fixate on these insignificant imperfections. I know it's hard to rewire your brain not to think like this. But it would take away so much angst and wasted energy once you can learn to let go.
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  10. I would not deter that for me to warrant a return. In fact, my bother 6 key holder I bought for him has the made in heat stamp is slightly slanted! But that NOT bothering either of us.
  11. When I encounter small “faults” like this I take the view that I’ll always recognise my - whatever it is - in a line up :biggrin: Makes it mine and makes it unique! Life seems to go on.
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  12. Bless the CA's.... I am not sure how they deal with these questions.... holy moly. I understand wanting something to be as close to perfect as possible, especially for the money we pay buttt really?!?!? Perspective people...perspective. :confused1:
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  13. Do what makes you happiest Honestly some of these responses are rude. She didn’t need to be schooled by your thoughts. she asked a question. If it makes you heated then Don’t get involved in the post.
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    It is not. Every line of that A is there, in full and regular proportion.

    This is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs territory.
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  15. She actually asked everyone here for their thoughts / opinions on it and if they thought it was a defect.
    She wrote:

    "What are your thoughts? Is it serious enough to call it a defect? . . . .
    Please let me know your thoughts! Anything is appreciated! "

    So she actually did ask everyone to get involved, not just those that agreed with her.
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