Defect? Should i return?

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Should i return?

  1. Yes return

    8 vote(s)
  2. No because its hard to get

    30 vote(s)
  1. I found a bag on a reseller site that looks just like yours. It is not a defect as it doesn’t affect the function of the bag. You need to figure out if you can use the bag without this bothering you otherwise you need to return. I would keep it and use it if you like the bag and there are no issues with the bag itself...
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  2. If it is going to bother you return it and wait for one to pop up again.
  3. But does light show through the stitching?
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  4. I didn’t vote because my answer is “no, that is not an issue and hardly worth returning over” but if it bugs you then return it.
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  5. You are clearly bothered by this detail since you took the time to create a thread and ask strangers for their opinions... so just return it!
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  6. Thankyou everyone for your inputs! :biggrin:
    I checked all my other lv pieces (12 of them) and none of them looks like that - the stamps are all crispy clear. Perhaps because they are all made in europe and this one is usa. I'm leaning on returning and try my luck again. Thank you again!
  7. Fyi my pa was made in europe and you can barely make out what the stamp states unless you zoom in with flash..or hold it to a magnifying glass..
  8. It is obviously bothering you, so return it.
  9. It is good that you are returning it because it bothers you and you are not happy with the purchase. Hopefully, you can find a replacement soon..and that the purse that you are giving up can make someone else happy.
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  10. I feel that some people in life have nothing better to do than complain and find fault in everything they see. These are beautiful handmade pieces. Enjoy them.
  11. I think its also abit sad that lv cant even stamp their own logo properly and consistently in all their pieces, as all my other pieces have perfectly stamped logos.
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  12. Honestly it is so so so small. It does not affect the quality nor craftsmanship of the bag. I can see if this was part of the LV logo on the outside, but this is so so small. No bag you ever get is going to be 100% perfect. If you look for a flaw, you will find one.
  13. You kind of sound upset with the company as a whole? Maybe move onto another brand?
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  14. Very obvious
    You are not happy with it
    Regardless what opinions here
    Return it
  15. Yep. And if she thinks this petty issue with the stamp on the inside of the bag is a problem, then imagine the kind of horror show that could very well likely turn up on the next bag she finds.
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