Defect or personal preference?

  1. Hi all! I received my black metallic reissue 227 a few days ago and I absolutely love it. One thing is nagging at me, though. The lock frame is darker than the actual turnlock itself. See photo for reference. Is this a defect or personal preference? Should I call my SA for a replacement, or not? It doesn't bother me enough to return the bag if I can't get a replacement. Am I being too picky? :confused1:

    Thanks for looking at this!

  2. I haven't seen how it should really look, but I think it's looks very nice in this picture, the leather is darkest, the frame a little lighter and the lock itself the lighest.

    If it really bothers you contact the SA.
  3. Hm I wouldnt say its a defect, perhaps just a slight variation? If it really bugs you though, definitely call to see if sa has another one.
  4. On a bag that expensive that would really bug me and I would try to get another. It seems like their quality control should not have let that through.
  5. I doubt it would bother me. I think it's just a variation. I probably wouldn't have thought anything of it had you not mentioned it.
  6. I'm VERY picky in my opinion, and this does not bother me one bit:nogood:
    It actually shows more detail since there's some contrast, it's certainly not a defect or a qulaity control issue IMO:shrugs:

    It's yours though, do what you need to do to love her!
  7. It sort of fits with the whole idea of the bag looking like a vintage bag. I'm pretty picky, but on this bag it seems fine to me, and I bet there are lots of others that look just the same. In the end, though, if it will always be detracting from your enjoyment of the bag, you should try to get a different one. You should get your money's worth and heart's desire.
  8. It doesn't bother me either. I agree with swanky in that it does show more detail and diversity in the bag.
  9. Thanks all! I kind of feel like it adds a bit, too. The darker color of the lock frame actually matches the mm chain. Think she is a keeper! :heart:
  10. It would not bother me at all, however, if it bothers you in the least, and as much as you paid, you should be completely satisfied, and exchange it for another one.
  11. I thought they were supposed to look like that to appear more vintage.

    The gold reissues it has the same color variation.

    I like it. But if it bothers you then defintly take it to be looked at
  12. I agree; it's supposed to look like that.
  13. I like it!!! And you take great pictures! :tup:
  14. Dang! My metallic doesn't have the same look and I much prefer yours! I love the aged/vintage effect!
  15. ^^My red reissue doesnt have that color variation either. I wish it did...I think it makes it look more vintage!