defect on strap, how to exchange -other country-?

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  1. I bought a lexington 2 months ago, only wore once to a wedding it ha been in its dust bag all the time, and I discovered yesterday night that there is a defect on the vachetta strap, it looks like a knife cut.
    Smg that must have hapenned while manufacturing, it's very sharp....anyways I can't have done it myself.
    I bought it in Paris but hope to exchange in Copenhagen as I live in Denmark, but still 3 hours drive !!
    Is it gonna be a problem ? can they exchange only the strap ? and on the spot ? -because I certainly don't wanna drive back to pick it up!-
  2. Yes, you can exchange for stuff at any LV boutique in the world (or that's what my SA said). In your case, they'd probably exchange the entire bag and not just the strap on the lexington.
    However, honestly, I wouldn't bother with it if you need to drive for 3 hours... not worth it imo... I've also had cuts on the leather of 2 LV bags (one cut per bag) and although the boutique's only 20-30 mins away, I don't bother with them cuz rarely are LV bags "perfect" anyway... I guess what I'm saying is that you might end up with another bag that has another problem too.... Anyhoo, your choice! good luck!
  3. If it's a defect on the strap, I'm sure they'll exchange it for you.
  4. Thanks
    I was gonna go next week end anyways, but it´s true I´m afraid that there will be something else....I really checked the vernis (no bubbles etc...) this time, not the voilà what happens !!

    But I also think we should be receiving perfection, that´s what a luxury brand is supposed to offer you !?
    But hearing you it seems quite a common defect...
  5. Really!? I never had any cuts in any of my bags. O.o Sound pretty dramatic, not sure if my mental image is correct. >_<
  6. i thought that a receipt needs to be present for an exchange. maybe you can call up your local LV and ask them before you head down? let us know if you are able to get an exchange, i hope so.