Defect on my damier speedy?!

  1. I'm so sad...:crybaby:
    yesterday when i put my bag in the closet, i noticed there were some creases on one handle, especially along the seems like wrinkled! nothing really noticeable, but it hurt me! why it happened?
    tomorrow i'm gonna post some pictures :s
  2. Maybe you carried too much stuff in it...? One theory.
  3. I think that happens more with Dyed leather pieces like EPI or Damier because of the dyeing proccess makes the leather more rigid than normal Vachetta and of course when it's used the leather wrinkles and keeps it's shape because of it's stiffness..

    just a theory...?
  4. Khoi, your theory seems to be the good one...because i don't carry too much stuff..i don't know!
    It's true that damier leather is more "structured" then vachetta..but it's only a supposition :shrugs:
  5. Can you post a pic?
  6. I will post pics tomorrow 'cause at the moment i don't have my camera:yes:
  7. cant wait to see your pic of the handles..
    but sometimes handles get creases/wrinkley...that sounds normal but lets wait for your photos and see!
  8. Im guessing its normal, i started to get wrinkles/creases on the top part of the handles on my reg batignolles...i freaked:hysteric: out & took it the next day to LV....they said its normal, from carrying the bag:shame: (their display had it too). Im curious to see it though, when will you post pics?
  9. I am sorry to hear about this. I know I am always upset when something happens to one of my bags.
  10. im sorry to hear about this too. i know how u'll feel especially when ure in love with the bag
  11. I think it's normal. It happens to the batignolles too if I remember it right.
  12. Since you don't have a photograph of it yet, it's hard to visualize the wrinkles. Did you bend the handle by accident?
  13. Is it normal for things to go wrong with these handbags(LV)? I am nervous after seeing all of these posts on here with weird cuts, etc.... Please reassure me!!!
  14. ^^ Not every bag can be perfect. They're handmade after all. So there might be some with tabs that are a bit off or what not. Sometimes there is a real defect. Remember, the ladies here only represent like what.....less than 1% of the LV owners in the world.

    Besides, LV is pretty good with making things right so I won't worry about it.
  15. it really happens. my trouville have wrinkles too,i took it to the store to have it checked they said its normal because of use.i do think its not a the handbags are handmade it cannot be 100% perfect..:yes: