Defect on Luggage Tag on Lodge....

  1. Hi all,

    I took my Ms. Lodge out yesterday for the first time in a long while...and noticed that the luggage tag seems to have something wrong with it.
    You know how they use that red glue/glaze to hold together pieces..??...well the top of my luggage tag it is coming apart.
    I have seen this happen on wallets....but this was bought in April and only used about 5-10 times since.
    Should I make a big deal about it....or is it just normal and I'll let it pass?
    It's not super noticeable, since the tag strap kind of covers it.
  2. Can you get a picture?
  3. I'd say take it in and show it to them and ask if they can reseal it or what not.
  4. Yes, they probably did a bad/sloppy job sealing it. Yes, it will get worse... with time more will come off and since the leather edge isnt properly covered it will start to sort of... this is hard to describe... but sort of split and fray. In how much time, I cannot say for some... REAL quickly for others... a few years? But it will happen. Some say it is the normal wear and tear of the bag and I say yes.. if youve had it for 10+ years and used it very very often.... but not after having it for such a short time. For a $20 bag, it may be normal but the high prices we pay are for excellent quality and something like this shouldn't happen.

    Whether or not you want to bring it in, is up to you. Is not seeing your tag for a month maybe 2 worth it to fix this? It doesnt bother some people but if it bugs, bring it in before it gets worse or it may be harder to fix if it frays a lot... I don't even know if they can if it is badly fraying.
  5. I think you should take the tag to the store to have it re-sealed. The tag shouldn't be splitting apart along the edges, especially considering the price they are charging for the bag.
  6. Thanks all! I think I will bring it in next time I go to Chicago!