Default Dilemma: An everyday tote - LV Hampstead or Chanel Medallion??

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  1. I have been debating between the Damier Hampstead and the Black Medallion and I still can't figure out which one I want. I plan to wear it everyday, work, school, etc. I'm usually pretty casual, though I think i can wear either if I'm going out. I posted this on the LV thread but just to make sure I'm not getting a biased answer, I've posted here as well..So for both LV and Chanel lovers, I need your opinion. Help? :heart:

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  2. I vote for the black medallion. Have you also considered the GST and Cerf Tote?
  3. I dont really like the cerf tote and as for the gst, I do like it but it seems like a pretty dressy bag?
  4. The chain strap does give the GST a dressier look compared to the medallion. Were you going to get the medallion in the lambskin or caviar leather?
  5. In the caviar so its less maintenance =)
  6. if i were just choosing between these two options, i would lean towards the LV, simply because i think it might hold more...
  7. I vote for the caviar Medallion... of course you are in the Chanel forum so I am biased....
  8. I think the Medallion can be casual or dressy (just depends on what you are wearing with it) vs. the LV is just casual...but Fauve is correct. Chanel rocks!!! :P
  9. i think that size is diff here from LV cuz the LV looks like it can hold up more, i dont know if the stiffness of medallion would make it spacy though if you dont carry alot of stuff then ur good.
    But i like more the black for everyday simply cuz it really stands out and complement any outfit even casual nights for dinner and even a lil more dressier. so i vote for medallion!! but also check for cerf tote it has more space cuz is less stiff.
    the only doubt for me here is the space.
    P.Sa and here im not been biased!
  10. well l usually am biased to LV, but have to say Chanel....l think its a great everyday bag, and i agree caviar :smile:
  11. Hi. I own them both. The Hampstead is a great everyday tote. It is very versatile and lightweight and holds the entire world! The straps are really stiff, however. I'm still waiting for them to soften up! The medallion is a lovely bag, but I cannot hold it on my shoulder, it zips, which depending upon your application, could be a plus or minus, and it is way smaller than the hampstead. Because the coated canvas of the LV is so lightweight, it's a very easy bag to carry. It is a perfect school bag.
  12. chanel medallion tote!!!!!!
  13. I love Chanel, but I've never been a huge fan of the medallion tote for some reason. I'd vote for the LV Hampstead.

    If it was between the GST and the Hampstead, I'd pick the GST hands down because I looove mine.
  14. I vote for the LV...I'm not a huge Medallion fan.
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    Well, I'm a huge fan of the Medallion Tote, but since you wanted unbiased opinions, I'm gonna have to vote for the LV. I think the LV has a very slight advantage if you're using it as an everyday bag. I used to carry LV and now I carry Chanel exclusively. As much as I adore Chanel, I think my LV's held up a little better.