Dee's Collection of Shiny Objects

  1. I present to you my humble but growing collection of shiny objects.
    Gucci Horsebit Boston
    Gucci Tote
    Burberry Orange Suede Hobo
    Burberry...i'm not sure. Funny black basket bag with patent leather
    Prada Purple Nylon bag
    Dior Trotter
    Versace Snap To It Bag
    G Series Gold Mesh Hobo
    LV Speedy 30
    MJ Blue Something or Other
    MJ Mushroom Bag
    Coach Ladybug Tote
    Coach Tweed Soho
    and my lone pair of Prada shoes

    The newest one is the Versace, bought last week on a trip to London's Sloane Street. Next, i'm thinking a Fendi Selleria :heart: :smile:.

    Obviously, I like different, kitchsy bags. Ones that, for some reason, stand out in my mind once I see them. The Mushroom bag was like that. Saw it, thought it was too small, obsessed over it for months, finally bought it. Can only carry it on casual, summer occassions but I still love it.

  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. Great collection, nice variety of Designers, I loke every piece, thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I love how you have all the designer shopping bags in the back, excellent touch to the picture!
  4. Very pretty! I love the color of that blue MJ bag. :love: Thanks for taking a gorgeous family pic!!:flowers:
  5. your collection is cute.. i love the variety and the colors.. so pretty..
  6. nice, cute collection =)
    fun and colorful
  7. What a nice, varied collection, thanks for sharing ! :yes:
  8. Nice collection.
  9. i lovee the diversity in your collection! and the diff.colors too!

    great collection, thanks for sharing!
  10. Ya, I even keep the shopping bags. I consider each and every shopping trip an experience that should be relished. The shopping bags remind of the day that each bag was bought heh.

    My first bag was the Gucci horsebit. I was 27, had just gotten my license. So, the day my insurance kicked in (Jan 2), I drove, in a snowstorm no less, to the busiest mall in Toronto to buy my bag. I figured if I could make it there, I could drive anywhere. And its true. :smile:. I'll never forget walking into Holt Renfrew, asking for directions to where the bags were, seeing the crowd part (in my head its in slow motion heh) and then seeing that big Gucci on the wall. I was like a kid in the candy store for the first time ever.

    Thanks for the compliments!

  11. Would love to see closeups of the Versace!! :yes:

    And this is both hilarious and wonderfully sentimental ...

  12. You have a very diverse collection. Thanks for sharing with us. :smile:
  13. nice collection
  14. great variety of bags, and beautiful shoes
  15. Very nice collection! Thanks for sharing!:heart: