Deerskin Luxury Bowler

  1. My deerskin medium luxury bowler from NM catalog arrived from fedex on saturday! i absolutely love love it :heart: i purchased the black metallic bowler about 3 months ago but ended up returning it because it was uncomfortable to carry and looked a bit awkward since it was so stiff. but the deerskin bowler is so squishy and soft that it feels comfortable to carry and looks great!! I received a total of 10 compliments yesterday when i carried it around soho. i really recommend the deerskin to anyone who is thinking of buying the luxury bowler ;)
  2. I really like both the deerskin, OMG it's so super soft, as well as the metallic goatskin, it's stiffer but I love the sheen on the black metallic. They are really great bags and I'm shocked to see how much they can hold :nuts:. Please post pics of your bag when you get a chance.
  3. I agree Sweetsparkle! I don't know how long I'm going to hold onto my black metallic because I agree it is more awkward and stiff than the deerskin. Both have their merits, but a bag should be comfortable! I *love* the deerskin. Unless someone has experienced both, they wouldn't know what we mean. :smile:
  4. Congrats!! That is a great bag.
  5. although not as shiny as the metallic black goatskin, the deerskin definitely has a natural sheen to it and nice texture. i'm not sure why but when i received the goatskin bowler, i wasn't all that impressed. but it was different with the deerskin - the minute i carried it, i knew it was the perfect bag :smile: the leather is super soft and it looks fabulous on.

    roey - since you already have the flap in metallic black goatskin, then you should keep the bowler in the deerskin ;)
  6. Congrats on your Deerskin Bowler sweetsparkle! I'm sure it's LOVELY!! :nuts: POST PICCIES please!

    I, on the other hand love my Goatskin Black Bowler although I agree it's not squishy and soft. :P But I do like that it holds it's shape well and doesn't need a base unlike an LV Speedy.

    I also agree that if you like a bag hung on your shoulder, then the Goatskin Bowler isn't comfortable to do so at all. It does looks very sad and crumpled when I tried to clamp it under my arm. So it's really one of those Bags that's like an Hermes Birkin, you can only tote it proudly at the crook of your arm, allowing it to swing freely side to side... :graucho:

    I'm sooo happy we both found a bowler that suits us!! That's the wonderful thing about Chanel! :flowers: There's something for everyone!:yahoo:
  7. ^ yup, i agree! my friend has the metallic goatskin and she adores her bag! and like you, she carries it in the crook of her arm. since i'm petite, the only bag that looks good on my arm is the balenciaga first :smile: hehe.
  8. i just got off the phone with the SA at Saks Boca Raton and she said they had a couple of black metallic deerskin bowlers. does the deerskin come in metallic and matte? or is it just naturally metallic?

    im scared that what i will get is not what i had in mind!
  9. Congratulations Sweetsparkle! I have the bronze metallic deerskin bowler and the black goatskin metallic flap and find my deerskin bowler to be much squishier too. LOVE IT!! Enjoy your new bowler!
  10. Now wait here, weren't there some deerskin bowlers that were metallic? If so, who sold these - PLEASE :flowers: .
  11. Congrats on the bowler! Molls, they both came in metallic. The deerskin is less shiny/metallic/glittery than the goatskin.
  12. They don't have deerskin at Boca, just goatskin. The s/a is misinformed.

    The black deerskin is not metallic black. The leather has a natural sheen but no metallic flecks. The bronze deerskin is metallic but it is muted.
  13. Thanks lulilu and roey, maybe I'll ask if they can get me a deerskin bowler to look at before I finally cut the tag off my goatskin :s .
  14. sweetsparkle - oh you're SO lucky to have one of these!!! I think I'm slowly killing myself everytime I come into the CHANEL thread and keep reading about the Luxe Bowler... I'm SO dying to get ONE... I'm glad you LOVE yours :love: fingerscrossed I'll get one next year sometime - crikey!! I hope I can still get ONE next year.... :Push: