deerskin luxury bowler/flap

  1. my sister wants one and was wondering if anyone has seen the new fall 2006 deerkskin luxury bowler or flap recently?
  2. bump...need to get this ASAP for sis's bday
  3. can you just call around? If you need it quickly I'd think you may need to call your local Chanel, NM and Saks.
  4. I saw one in the Pittsburgh Saks a couple of weeks ago. Nikko is my SA , 412-263-4800.
  5. o0o0 i'd just LOVE one of these bags right NOW!!!
  6. I either saw the Fall deerksin or the Spring goatskin black flap at Neiman Marcus in King of Prussia, PA. I'm thinking it was the Spring goatskin though, because it looked shiny like my goatskin bowler, from where I was standing. They also had the bronze deerskin bowler if you were interested in that. :flowers:
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