Deerskin Hobo questions

  1. I fell in love with a bag in the Portland Saks, and I THINK it was this one:


    I think I'm gonna end up ordering it online, because I didn't see it in my local store, but before I do I have a question about the handle? Is it round/cylindrical or is it flat? Hopefully that makes sense. I like the look of the flatter handles much better and also find them more comfortable.
    Another question for anyone with a similar purse- is the white impossible to keep clean?
    And my final random question is: is there a good chance this bag will still be available in 3 weeks? That's when my relocation cash will be paid out, so I probably will have to wait til then to order.
  2. That's a new spring color of a recurring style with Prada, so I think you'll be safe waiting to order it. If it were one of the Prada "It" bags, that would be another matter. I'm 99% sure that's a flat strap. I adore how Prada makes their shoulder straps. Every single one I have actually will stay put on my sloping shoulders and that's some feat!

    I love that color, but fear of keeping it cleans keeps me from getting one. I've got a beige hobo that stays fairly clean, but I'm super careful and it's obviously darker than the ivory.

    Edit note:

    Here ya go. You have to hit the Refresh/Reload key to get all the angles, but it is the flat style strap.

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