Deerskin Bowler

  1. I love, love this bag - but its the same color as the tan patchwork fringe bowler I have, so it has to go back. Plus its $2775:push: too much since I already have a bag this color!

  2. I am getting sucked in by Prada big time...this bag is outrageously gorgeous...

    I'm not usually attracted to tan/brown bags but this one is giving me goosebumps.

    Thanks for posting Cougess. (are you sure you can't keep her?)
  3. Jaw Dropper /Show Stopper / Eye Popper ...

    I'd find a major way to rationalize keeping this!
  4. I have this color in the messenger and I love it.....
  5.'re killing me!

    Abso-friggin-lutely gorgeous!
  6. This is such a gorgeous color and it is so soft!
  7. Nothing worse than loving a bag but knowing it's got to go back. What a shame because it is so lovely.....
  8. I might get it later this summer - need to rationalize it since I have another bag the same color. :graucho:
  9. Cougess! Thanks for posting this!! This is the bag I saw back in April at Prada that I just about died over. It's stunning!! :heart:

    and the leather is just soooooooooo sofffftttt and squishy. Love love love it.:heart:
  10. I came back to look at it again! Me wants!!!!!!!!!
  11. Soooo gorgeous...sad it has to go back!
  12. how sad! That bag is amazing!
  13. OMG! This bag is TDF... :drool::drool::drool: I should start saving up for it.
  14. Me too! :smile:
  15. The leather is amazing!