Deerskin Black Bowler Medium or Metallic Black Calfskin Bowler

  1. Sorry cant choose. I havent seen any of the two bags upclose. But I saw the metallic black medium here in purseblog and fell in love. Problem is I called the SA in Hong Kong and she told me they only have the deerskin medium bowler in black. And the metallic one only in large size. Would you guys know if the deerskin is just as nice? Cos I really want just a medium. Im just asking a friend to buy it for me so I cant really see the bags and decide for myself
  2. The large bowler from the luxury line is huge. I have two medium metallic bowlers a silver and a black and the large size is like the two medium bowlers put together. I'd say it's comparable to the jessica simpson gucci horsebit bag. Hope that helps :smile:
  3. I have the deerskin and it is gorgeous! I'll admit to being very apprehensive that I wouldn't like it upon arrival, but it exceeded my expectations. It has less of a sheen than the black metallic but the s/a told me the deerskin leather is thicker and softer than the metallic black (goatskin), which is a little thinner and also a bit stiffer. Since I have never seen or felt the goatskin in person, I can't speak to the accuracy of that information.

    Here are a few pics of my new deerskin. The texture is beautiful, and the leather has a natural lustre.
    ChanelBowlerFrontHall.JPG ChanelBowlerSide.JPG ChanelBowlerSide2.JPG ChanelBowlerShoulderUse.JPG
  4. ok thanks clk55girl! that helps alot! But would you know of the medium bowler black deerskin is just as nice as the metallic black ones?
  5. Oh Roey thanks! That helps alot! will wait for your photos =) But I think Im going for the medium deerskin after reading your post
  6. wow the deerskin is gorgeous!. i have the black metallic bowler and it's shiny but i think i like the natural lustre of the deerskin better. congrats!:smile:
  7. socampo77 i'd go for the deerskin, lookin at the pics that roey displayed i like the sheen of her deerskin better than my black metallic. but if you're going for silver i'd def do the metallic. the silver metallic is absolutely stunning!
  8. Wow thanks alot ! I'm not confused anymore =) I'm going for the deerskin black medium bowler after seeing those photos =) Thanks so much roey
  9. Yup, Clk55girl! the photos pretty much answered my question ! =)
  10. Glad I could help and I don't think you'll be disappointed! I'm a tough person to please and really find it to be not only stunning, but very well made.
  11. Im loving the deer skin!!!!
  12. Roey - love your bag! Congratulations. I think it looks good and you too.