Deere Colhoun Classic Small Sienna Bag in Olive $276 (Retail $690) @ Revolve

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  1. I knew you would post this. They also have the large Sienna in black and grey earlier today too!
  2. #4 Feb 3, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009

    That is such a pretty bag...and if you only had a 30% code..WOW!

    Okay Chidori...I wish you hadn't posted this because I just bought it! And I wasn't supposed to be spending any more money! Oh Well!! Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!!
  3. bag, do you know where deere colhoun bags are made? TIA! always thought revolve should list the country of origin for their products...
  4. Haha, looks like someone just bought it! It's out of stock now.

  5. I don't know Sassy...but I guess I should research it to find out considering I own a bunch of them!! LOL!

    And yes are the enabler today! I'll post pics when she arrives! Thanks again! :yes::heart:
  6. Ohh!! Hahah, grats on the purchase!
  7. I seem to have totally missed out on these! I really like the Hadley from the picture. Post pictures when you get it. Im curious how big it is on an actual person. Now I just have to find it somewhere!

  8. Thanks Chidori!!

    SonOz...I'm not that fond of white bags and TBH, this is my first. One thing great about shopping with Revolve is that I can return it if it's not to my liking. Should I do that, I'll let you know! According to the measurements, it looks somewhat roomy, however I'm concerned more about it getting soiled. I recall another PFer recently buying the Hadley and will have to search to see who it was.
  9. Oh I missed it. Please post the picture when you get a bag.
  10. It's heeeerrrreeee! This is really a cute bag IMO and completely unlike anything else I own. The color isn't as white as it appears in the has a tinge of sand.


  11. Oh! What a lovely bag! Congrats!
  12. Cute bag and that is a nice color. Congrats
  13. ^Thanks! I love everything about's just perfect!