Deer skin VS. Goat skin

  1. Hi..ladies it me again.... the night before you make the big's night before your first date w/ your crush....butterflies in your tummy......can't get sleep etc....:shame:


    I found out that the early Luxury line was made w/ Goat skin leather...
    and the Cruise line w/ deer skin.....

    what's the difference?

    From the leather dummy :sweatdrop:
  2. Have you tried doing a search? From what I remember, there are several posts about the difference.
  3. rayrayray --- from what ive learned here goatskin is much stiffer than the deerskinand so if you buy a bowler and you like carrying it on your shoulder, the goatskin won't feel as comfortable...but the deerskin will fit fine since it's really soft

    another problem with the goatskin is that because the leather is so stiff, it will start losing shape and the leather will start looking crumbled or not quite sure but thats why i returned my goatskin -- cuz i did not to see any deformation of any kind...some members say theirs are holding up fine some says it looks pretty bad...

    but i love the metallic sheen on the goatskin! im sure it will be fine if you take care of it! a search and you'll be able to find more details!

    hope you date goes well :P!!
  4. thank you tons~! xochrissie and meluvbag
  5. deerskin is soft, thicker and very durable, anti-scratches! Definitely deer skin, that's my favorite leather type.
  6. Goat skin is very soft from my experience... Balenciagas are mostly made of goat, and are extremely pliable, light & soft.
  7. I have the Luxe Flap from the winter or spring this past year and it's pristine/like new and I carry it regularly.
    I'm not sure which leather that was but I'd buy it 1,000 more times!:yes:
  8. Swanky, if it's from past year, it's probably GOAT.....:smile: Is it more shiny?
  9. I bought it in Feb I believe and it's Metallic black, yeah, pretty shiny/shimmery:heart:

    It's DIVINE!!!
  10. Swanky, did you have any problems w/ the leather at all? I think some people experienced cracking and peeling(?) w/ goat skin....But not all, definetely......
  11. Oh no, mine is seriously immaculate and the leather is yummy.
    I can't find one thing to complain about at all.