Deer Problem

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  1. There are 3-4 deers that comes on my property all the time. They eat the flowers and the baby deer even plays on the pool cover (when it was covered up before summer). I tried various sprays but nothing seems to work. I just recently planted some beautiful flowers and the deers are eating them :sad: Can someone recommend some effective deer repellents please? I don't mind them being on the property but just don't want them to eat my plants and damage the pool cover.
  2. How about keeping a bar or killing them. And if not find out some plants that dear doesn't like.
  3. Growing up my mom always used something that was made from another animal's urine... I can't remember which animal, coyote maybe? I don't think it was the actual urine but something made to simulate it. Always worked.
  4. My IL's used a mixture of milk and eggs to spray on their roses and it seemed to work. I don't have deer but something is eating my roses and I can't figure out if it's a raccoon, squirrels opossums or all 3! I have a spray I bought at lowes but it only works some of the time.
  5. Thank you everyone for your help and recommendations. I purchased some Liquid Fence. It smells absolutely horrid but hopefully it will work.

    @trlgirl I hope you figure out what's eating your roses and stop them!
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