Deer brown or taupe - versatile?

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  1. Which do you think would be more versatile as a 'neutral' evening bag - to go with any outfit? I'm looking at Bayswater clutch wallets .....
  2. I bought black bays clutch wallet for purpose.
    Then bought another in mulberry pink--
    Because cannot be sensible all the time. ;)
  3. Either would work as they're both neutral colours, I think deer brown is a warmer colour whilst taupe has cooler undertones.
  4. I would say taupe out of your two choices. I think deer brown is better for daytime activity but just dont ask me why as i couldnt tell you :lol:
  5. I have small deer brown lily and medium in taupe. IMO deer brown has a yellow undertone and taupe a more classic neutral. Out of my two, deer brown gets used more but I would say taupe is actually a better colour. Try before you buy, if you can.
  6. Completely agree - for me, taupe is far more neutral. Deer brown much yellower and I don't think it would go with as many colours...
  7. Deer is brighter and i find harder to accessorise with it ..taupe can look brown or grey and goes,with a lot even looks amazing with a pop of red