Deep wine/red Patent Bayswater, opinions?

  1. So, last friday I fell in love with a Patent Bayswater. I don't know the actual name of the colour, but it is very deep wine/red shade. I found one picture on it (See Mulberry Photo Reference Thread, post no. 155 on page 11), so take a look.

    Now I'm wondering if the leather is "classic" enough. I have 2 everyday bags, a Tooled Bayswater in Oak (a little dressier) and a Black Jimmy Choo Ring bag (more casual, or laid-back), so I could use something more spicy or flashy. The colour looked great IRL, not too much gloss or anything.

    I'd love to hear your opinions on this bag. I wonder if I could use it also during spring and summer with lighter clothes, or is the colour more for fall and winter. I want also a bag that will last several seasons.

    Is the leather durable, any idea?

    If you own this bag, I would love to get some experiences / pictures.

    So, what do you think? :tup: or :tdown:?
  2. I don't have a patent bag, but I think the color is TDF and it would certainly add spice to any outfit!!! I say go for it and post modeling pics!!!
  3. Red bags are so easy to use, as they go with almost any colour of outfit! Imagine that bag with white jeans for summer... Stunning
  4. The bayswater is a classic, it will last for years to come - and I think the deep brownish red patent is a truly gorgeous colour. It will have better lasting power than patent black, as I see it, since there is sooo much black patent around right now. The deep red is more unique. I also think that the look of the tooled bays and the patent bays are totally different - they do not make the same impression at all, so I'd say go for it and enjoy!
  5. I have this bag, it's not as red as it looks in that pic. I bought it to match a pair of burgundy boots and in the end they didn't really go.

    Here's pics of min, definitely looks more brown.



    I used this for a couple of weeks after I got it but I find it a bit big. Only other problem I have with it is that it looked like part of the flaps were starting to wrinkle.
  6. Wow it's beautiful!
  7. I've seen it in the flesh, and it is brown. It's utterly, utterly gorgeous though. They had one at Cheshire Oaks a couple of weeks ago....I was seriously tempted!!
  8. That's funny... I have also seen this bag IRL (in 2 different boutiques) a couple of times and I think that the color looks more red than brown... Of course it has brown shade, but I would say it is more red.:shrugs:

    BTW, what is the actual name of this color?
  9. I would not buy patent, because its a little bling for me, but I do like this bag and I love bayswater bags,so if you like it go for it and enjoy.

  10. It's definitely more brown to me, I'd say it was brown with a red shade :yes: I guess the important thing, if you're contemplating buying this bag, is to see it in the flesh so that you know that it's the right colour for you!

    I love it, it would look amazing with my cream wool coat *sighs*
  11. Think the actual colour is Chocolate, this is usually brown with red undertones. It looks different depending on the light.
  12. Hi Everyone

    That is one gorgeous bag!!

  13. Update: I ordered this bag from my local Mulberry boutique, and it should arrive during next week... I'll post pictures as soon as she arrives!

    I just couldn't get her out of my head...:p
  14. It's called addiction dearie...;) welcome to the dark side of the moon :p
  15. Yay, well done - and please post pics once you get it!