Deep Thoughts....with Rockerchic

  1. Hi Dears,
    I had a long, meaningful chat with myself and have decided to set some guidelines for myself. So from here forward Rockerchic

    Will Not Purchase Any More
    • Black totes with silver hardware--none, natch, zippo--unless I first let one of mine go (must be a loophole)...
    • Doubles of bags--Goodbye longing for teal coco cabas, you are no longer welcome in my closet:sad: (Rocker gets on her knees and prays that the cotton club tote in the spring ligne in blue is a gorgeous, bright blue that pops and will take her mind of beautiful teal cabas....)
    • White bags ("But white bags look so chic!" says Rocker:devil: ; "You already have the white reissue and a white bal city and don't wear them" says Rocker:angel: )
    • Buy some smaller bags for evening wear and will force DH to actually take her places to carry them. (Nice start with the black MC flap:happydance: )
    • Sell her doubles to make room in the closet for more diversity:wtf: . (Oops, need another loophole, :idea:reissues don't count because they are not only bags but collector's items:graucho: .
    Alright dear ladies, you are all my witnesses!
  2. Good girl! Those are some good rules! I don't buy duplicates or white bags either.
  3. Yes, you cannot sell any of the reissues.:p

    Now you need a patent timeless clutch.:nuts:
  4. Now thats what I call determination! Good luck to ya!!
  5. I like your new rules but especially your loop holes. LOL

    I agree about the doubles with the exception of reissues. We all should have one of each color and size just in case LOL
  6. Excellent critical thinking Rocker. Please call on us to either play the angel or devil depending on what mood you are in.
  7. Stacey,
    Please keep us informed how long those resoultions last:p
    They sound great - here's to you Rocker:drinks:
  8. Bravo! I think you're on the right track there. In my opinion, some tPFers really get tunnel vision, and focus in too much on purchasing only one particular brand or style. Variety--and a well-rounded handbag collection--are big in my book! Good luck.
  9. wow
  10. Mon, I am just easing my way to small bags with a strap...I don't know if I can handle a clutch!:nuts: Slowly girl...slowly!
  11. thanks so much, all, for your support!!
    NWpurselover, I will definitely calling on all of you for help!!
  12. I sold/returned all my duplicates, and no more black w/silver hardware bags for me either. Joining you in the hopes of a bright blue Cotton Club tote for spring!
  13. way to go gal!!!

    I also try to set guidelines for my chanel bag purchase (due to the lack of fund):

    - no lambskin (or any kind of leather that is easy to get scratches)
    - no white bag
    - no duplicate in different colors
    - no very similar style in the same color (well, this is a discretionary decision....will have a huge grey area right there...)
    - no clutches
    - no light color patent (worry about color transfer)
    - try my best not to buy a bag over $2000 (that will be hard with the upcoming price increase)

    Hope I can stick to these rules too!!!
  14. Rules are not only made to be broken they MUST have built-in loopholes for those times when you need to bend them a bit! I should probably follow your lead and assess my own buying patterns and try to diversify a bit. I bet rule #1--to stop buying black totes with silver hardware--will be the biggest challenge. I can't seem to stop doing that either!

    Good luck with your new buying guidelines!
  15. I love this thread..
    Hope you can stick to it Rocker
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!