Deep Sigh From Husband

  1. Has anyone seen that skit on Saturday Night Live with Adam Sandler & Chris Farley, in which Chris Farley plays the wife, and talks constantly, holding a travel book, and Adam Sandler, as the husband, begs for death? I kept showing my husband scarf patterns on eBay, and he kept having to get out of his fly-tying chair, and finally he demanded to know just how many scarf designs there were, historically.

    Does anyone know?
  2. No idea, but the visual made me laugh!
  3. I don't know either, but Mr Rocker throws in a double deep sigh!
  4. I am watching Le Divorce on TV now, DH came in, I told him about the Croc Kelly and the Scarves.. He rolled eyeballs :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    the recent article I read said 15 :biggrin: Can't remember if it's per season or per year.
  5. ^multiply by 70 years, right?
  6. Sorry, no idea but that sigh? Ah yes, I know it well and DH has it down pat! :p
  7. Lizavet8,
    The secret is to get a laptop with a wireless modem. Everytime I show my DH a H scarf, all I have to do is pass the laptop over to him... he doesn't have to get out of his chair at all...hahaha.

    Having said that, I've noticed that his reply has always been "Those H scarves are amazing". Personally, I don't think he even looks anymore....
  8. I'm not sure but somewhere I read there are over 25,000 scarf designs. I don't know if that counted all the different colorways or what. My DH was dumbfounded today to discover that I was willing to pay $25 to buy an empty H scarf box on eBay. The poor dears just don't get it, do they?
  9. Birkin123, I do that with the Kelly bags on eBay - all my lust list items... and DH learns very fast lol!;)

  10. That figure would include the different colorways. If you do the math, let' see. They've been making scarves for 70 years, about 15 new designs per season, twice a year.........70x15x2=2100. And about 10 different colorways per design, 2100x10=21,000. Off course, this is a guesstimate, actual number I don't really know as there are many designs that are unnamed.
  11. WOW. That, my friends, is a lot of sighing. You all would be very impressed how far my cowboy husband has come. Yesterday, he actually uttered the words, "vintage Movado."
  12. Oh yes the sighs, had them too:lol:
  13. OMG!! I think the scarf mafia needs in on this factoid. I wonder how many they have between them? That's one hellova lot of Hermes scarves!!
  14. My DH just has a "freeze face" moment.

  15. Yes! I caught that SNL skit! It was hilarious!:roflmfao:

    But my DH is WAY PAST the deep sigh phase. He is now into the "Are-you-asking-my-permission-to-purchase-or-just-letting -me-know?!?!?!" phase. Never to pass by such a golden opportunity, my standard answer is now "Nope, don't need your pemission, just letting you know...." :graucho::graucho::graucho: