Deep Red or Bilberry?

Deep Red or Bilberry?

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Sep 21, 2016
I love the color Deep Red for Le Pilage but so far the only place I know that has this color is Bloomingdale's, which I couldn't use any of my 20% or 10% coupon for Le Pilage because apparently Bloomie excludes Longchamp bags from the coupons:sad::sad: I know that SPS has 20% off right now so I can get a Le Pilage for $116 instead of $145, but SPS doesn't have the color deep red that I love! I do also like Bilberry, it is pretty, but there are soooooo many students (and their moms, aunts, cousins...) carrying Bilberry color, I mean I don't really mind having the same bag as other people but I've been seeing this color almost every day and I'm just a little tired of it. But then again Bilberry probably requires less maintanence than Deep Red since it's a deep purple color with darker interior (this is a big plus for me), plus it's also on sale... But I just can't let the deep red go. Decisions decisions... Should I folk out the $145 for a deep red or get bilberry for $29 less?