Deep Realization Of Why I Love Purses So Much

  1. I fiigured it all out today, on a deep, emotional, rather sweet level, if i do say so myself :p....was looking for a baby doll for a close girlfriend's 5 year old daughter's birthday. So, I am looking at the most adorable baby dolls today ....and i start picking them up and cuddling them like a human baby. It was then that I realized, this is the same way I feel about my purse family. It brought me back to childhood and hugging my dolls, as well as carrying them around all day, and feeling so proud of my doll family.
    The similarities are so there....

    Purses are dolls for me and in adulthood, i get to play with them and carry them proudly again!:girlsigh:
  2. Makes sense! I play with mine and carry them around proudly too. Also just stare and drool. When DH can't find me he knows to look in my closet, I'm probably sitting in the middle with my mouth open. LOL

    PS- I don't know what you mean by "sleeping with a bag" but when I get a new one sometimes I sleep with them too! LOL..wake up and smell the new leather :love:
  3. LOL! by "sleeping with a bag", its kind of an tongue-in-cheek saucy comment meaning that in a perfect world, when i first get a new one home, she would sleep with me the first night so we can bond and DH can sleep in guest room
    (but in reality that doesnt happen) :upsidedown::roflmfao:
  4. Makes a lot of sense! I also loved and collected dolls when I was little.
  5. Makes perfect sense. When I get a new bag, I 'stage' it on my dresser so I can admire it when I fall asleep that night and see it when I get up in the morning.
  6. LOL. Ok well I'm not ashamed to admit that I do actually physically (not sexually) sleep with my bag, maybe the first day or two when its new. DH doesn't think I'm nuts, he thinks its cute. :nuts:
  7. my mom used to tell the story of when i was really little, and i got new shoes or something, i would put them next to my stuffed animals in the bed! lol. DH is glad my coaches and lv,s dont need to join us.
  8. I do the same thing!
  9. It makes perfect sense. Not to mention that many purses are shaped quite like pillows.^_^ CUTE!
  10. Me too! Always a great way to start the day :yes:
  11. Excellent observation, purse-onality! It all makes sense now ;)

    And florasun, I love your sig quote:
    Joy is not in things; it is in us.
    Richard Wagner
  12. That's cute.

    My obsession stems from something deep as well. Something like I need a boyfriend. Or a hobby.
  13. Makes perfect sense to me. Even better, bags are cuddly and practical. But before I pretend the bag is a pillow, I usually stare at its 'perfectness' for upwards of several days.
  14. Cute thread. I don't sleep with them but I will place a new bag on my night table so I can see it. Most people I know keep their bags by the door or downstairs in the kitchen somewhere. Mine are always with me - if I am upstairs, my bag is upstairs. I use my bag all the time even if I am home. I keep my phone in it and makeup so I am always "in" it.