Deep Indigo or Black Fendi Spy bag?

  1. Which color Fendi spy bag do you prefer? Deep Indigo or Black? Does anyone have deep indigo spy bag? If so, does it look like black? When I first show the deep indigo spy bag's picture, I thought it was black but when I compared it with black spy bag, deep indigo spy bag has blue and purplish tone.

    I'm thinking of purchasing a spy bag. I want something that would go well with any outfits, either causal or dressy. Plus, I want it to match all color of the clothes.

    The spy bag would be my big bag purchase for a long time, so I want a color that is classic.

    Please help! Thanks :yes:
  2. I know the black Spy is on my must have list, but comparing the two pictures, the first one has a bit more...pop, or something like that. It's hard to say though, without seeing them in person.
  3. The Indigo is called the Blueberry, its lovely and goes very well with jeans. Black of course goes with anything, if its your first spy perhaps you might be better going for the black spy first
  4. Is the first one really the blueberry?? I saw some pics of Jessica Simpson with it in the Celeb thread, and when she was photographed with it it looked completely different, and tons brighter than this.
  5. Stoph yes that is the blueberry, can confirm as have seen it IRL and almost bought it

    Maybe she had petrol - thats lighter.
  6. Saich. Indigo is not blueberry. I got this pictures from and they had blueberry spy bag too. Blueberry was more stand-out blue color. Bluefly called the first bag deep indigo. To me, from the picture deep indigo looks like black with tint of blue hue. I wonder what deep indigo spy bag would look in person. :hrmm: Does anyone know?
  7. Hmm..I'll have to go back and look again *no real hardship since it will let me drool over more gorgeous bags again*. I'm pretty sure though, that whomever posted the picture wrote in the caption that it was a blueberry. Maybe they were mistaken. I know the lighting in a picture can drastically affect the color of the bag. Is blueberry a new color? (Thanks for always answering my questions btw. :smile:)
  8. I am getting my first Spy and I am going with basic black as it will go with anything. Should I continue my crazed love affair, I will consider other fantastic colors. But for now, gonna cut my teeth on black... :jammin:
  9. I'd get black, but the Indigo is hot too of course.
    I'm just crazy for black ;)
  10. I can't find either bag on bluefly :confused1: . Could you post a link or tell me where to go? Thanks! :flowers:

    BTW, I chose the blue color; IMO it is by far the best color, (I wonder if it's comparable to the Balenciaga Ink - which is my fav color as far as Bbags go). ;)
  11. thestarsgarb. You can't find both bags at bluefly since its not available. All sold out. :crybaby:

    I'm hoping they would get more! :yes:
  12. Ashlee Simpson looks so classic with her black spy bag. I love it! :drool: I fell in love with black Fendi spy bag after seeing Ashlee wearing it but Jessica Simpson's black spy bag looks dull. Does the black spy bag leather becomes dull looking overtime? :confused1:
    ashleefendispy.jpg ashleeshopping4.jpg ashley-simpson-fendi-spy-bag.gif ah2jj7024ij8.jpg siimmpson.jpg
  13. In my opinion, if you want a classic bag in black...don't get the Spy. Get Chanel.
  14. I love Chanel Coco Cabas Caviar black leather bag. Do you know what the retail price is?
  15. I don't know. Go to the Chanel forum.