Deep Fried Mars Bars!!

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  1. Has anyone made these or have a recipe they would like to share? I understand as gross as these may sound they are actually TD4.
  2. hmm, I never heard that before. Do you just fry the chocolate bar?
  3. I've heard of them, but I've never tried them myself. My friends said that they taste amazing!
  4. My understanding is you take corn flour and all purpose flour a pinch of baking soda and some milk and mix it all together till you have a creamy/almost liquid consistency and then you dip the chocolate bar in and coat it and then pop it in the deep fryer. They are suppose to be incredible, haven't tried them yet!
  5. ^^^ I haven't tried them. I heard the batter used to make fish and chips is the same one for Mars bars.
  6. Sounds sinfully delicious!
  7. Sounds stupid good!!!! Could use one right about now! :P
  8. I honestly want one right just sounds so good!
  9. Yes saw on tv that the batter used for fish and chips is the same one to dip mars bars in

  10. They sound good.
  11. There's a place downtown that does this... my roommate made me go a few years ago and try one.. they were surprisingly good.... hehehe
  12. I have heard of them, but never had one (all the calories!) but they sure sound good!
  13. sounds delicious. i had some deep fried oreops at a county fair and i got sick! literally! i wish i woulda had the snickers instead :sad:
  14. I have a personal policy to only eat low fat food deep-fried (and even that, only once a week, or less!).

    Otherwise it's like piling fat on fat... :yucky:

    So, fish is OK (as long as it isn't cod, because of the threat of extinction), as is fruit (fritters) and veg (chips/French fries); but deep fried Mars Bars are a big no-no! :s
  15. Blechhh! I can just imagine the amount of grease and goo involved with eating this delicacy. I'm sure it does wonders for one's arteries.