Deep Blue Paraty Questions

  1. Hi everyone! I am looking to get a Paraty and was wondering about the one one at Saks that is on pre-order in the deep blue. Does anyone have this color or is it new for the Fall? Also do you think it will be a really dark blue, that is what I am wanting. Thanks for your help.
  2. I'm pretty sure Deep Blue hasn't been released yet since it seems to be on pre-order on Saks and NM, with the bag shipping out in late October. Maybe it's a new color for Winter '12?

    I'd gueeeess it was maybe similar to the color "Ocean" (not to be confused with Oceania!) from a past season which has been revealed here and is a beautiful dark blue:

    The Deep Blue pics on NM/Saks look pretty similar to that or maybe like a pebbled version of Ink Blue. I bet it'll be gorgeous!!

    You can also try emailing Chloe to see if they can tell you anything about it!

    HTH! :biggrin:
  3. Thank you for the links PurseLoveSF. I think I am drooling over the ocean. I actually bought the medium OldPink back in 2008 and ended up having to sell it. I think that is the only bag that I always think about and I know I can never replace that one. So I am looking for a semi replacement. I think this new color deep blue might be the one.