deep blue antigona

  1. blue is better than black imho
  2. DEFINITELY get the dark navy. don't get me wrong, i love me a black G bag, but the navy takes it to another level of classic (or in your own words, elegant!). the leather of this antigona looks a bit less structured, which i prefer too...where in the world did you see this beauty?

    You can always find another black antigona after using this one and seeing that it's the perfect bag for your lifestyle. by then, givenchy may come out with black antigonas with a bit of a twist, so you'll have your classic elegant dark navy, and then a slightly updated black one (or the basic black will always be available too).
  3. niel , randr, thanks a lot for your suggestion.
    but i also love this black version.
    i think it's not so common.
    I like the two black textured leather top handles.

    it's a hard decision.
    help me to choose the best.
  4. I'm waiting for my dark navy antigona.
    I'll post pics soon.:smile:
  5. Yay! I must have missed the special handles on the blk one, prbly b/c I only had eyes for the navy. CANNOT WAIT.
  6. I like both bags you mentioned. The black textured one is gorgeous! Another pfR has one in purple texture and it is tdf! Navy is great too and looks easier to wear everyday. I have a med smooth black and it is absolute :heart: can't wait to see you reveal your blue one! It might be the first here on the forum!
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    thanks a lot!
    and I have to tell you a secret.....I took the blue antigona at half price.only 645 euro. I don't believe it when I saw that price.

    I'm waiting for that beauty....and the pics.

    ps: i'm seriously thinking to get also the black one....shhhhhh!:smile:
  8. Wow! What a steal! Congrats! Lucky you! You should get the black one too!