1. I'm currently going to dedicate my collections to Coach and Dooney.... because my cat decided that brands like Kooba are delicious, i've decided i'm no longer buying anything but these 2 designers. Reasonably priced, sturdy, cute things.

    for some reason my cat found no interest in tearing up my all weather leather, and it's great for Maine, because of the precipitation and whatnot.

    i can't wait to go to the factory store to buy something for this season :yes:

    anyone have anything cute they'd like to share that was bought this season?
  2. your cat tore up your kooba?!?!?! i am so sorry to hear that!
  3. I had a Dooney once that my cat chewed up the end of the strap. I didn't see it till way after the fact, but I just ended up realizing that it gave my Dooney a little more character. LOL I was always able to look at it and go, see? My kitty left her mark! :wlae:
  4. omg i woudln't be nearly as mad if i hadn't put the bag up specifically trying to keep it away from his stinking ass.... AND the fact that i'd only had it for 4 days AND the fact that its the most i've EVER spent on a bag... ugh.